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Employing Cultural Appropriation As A Masculine Virtue?
Posted in Modern Combat on Oct 17, 2017 — 133 reads, 6 comments
Footage Of Our July Meet In Out Of Service, PA
Posted in Modern Combat on Oct 5, 2017 — 89 reads, 1 comment
Nero The Pict Versus The Khan
Posted in Modern Combat on Oct 4, 2017 — 108 reads, 1 comment
Modern Agonistics: Boxing, Knife Fighting, Machete Dueling, Stick Fighting And Urban Survival Methods
Posted in Modern Combat on Sep 24, 2017 — 239 reads, 6 comments
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This omnibus edition includes the novella Fruit of The Deceiver (Book One: The Black Horseman), the novel Forty Hands of Night (Book Two: The Pale Horseman), the never before published vignette Seeds of The Deceiver, and the short The Song of Jeannot. Also see:
Baltimore Travel Guide Original sketch by Joe Bellofatto

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