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Carlos And James Discuss Evola's Ride The Tiger
Posted in Histories on Mar 5, 2020 — 260 reads, 1 comment
The Little Ice Age: How Climate Made History: 1300-1850 By Brian Fagan
Posted in Histories on Mar 5, 2020 — 148 reads, 1 comment
Revisiting The Haunted Labyrinth That Was The Mind Of Phillip K. Dick
Posted in Blog on Feb 21, 2020 — 226 reads
Tags:   Book Reviews, Logos
Speaking With A Young Writer
Posted in Blog on Feb 14, 2020 — 250 reads
A Parting Look At Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup Of America By Thomas W. Chittum
Posted in Modern Combat on Feb 4, 2020 — 464 reads
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This troubling memoir chronicles the aggression of ideas that fuels the violence and inequity that engulfs us. The author recounts 24 tales of prejudice and hatred as he retraces his life from innocent boyhood, through a troubled youth and savage adulthood, and into fatalistic middle-age; a life lived within a violent, fractured, self-hating society at war with its own reason for being.
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