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~ The Boxer Dread ~
Crackpot Mailbox: A Reader With Intact Instincts Wants To Know About The Travel Wrench
Posted in Modern Combat on Oct 20, 2019 — 287 reads
Discussing A Brief Film Of An Experimental Sparring Session
Posted in Ancient Combat on Mar 30, 2018 — 317 reads
Roman Boxing Gloves Unearthed By Vindolanda Dig
Posted in Ancient Combat on Mar 1, 2018 — 278 reads
Survive The Jive Brings Back Real History
Posted in Ancient Combat on Jun 18, 2017 — 237 reads
Appendix, The Boxer Dread: 331 B.C. To Present
Posted in Ancient Combat on Apr 6, 2017 — 159 reads, 1 comment
The First Boxers Kindle Edition: A Fighter’s View Of Prize-fighting From Gilgamesh To Goliath
Posted in Ancient Combat on Dec 21, 2016 — 157 reads
Lycus, Chief Of The Mariandyni Recounts The Prowess Of Herakles, From The Argonautica By Apollonius Of Rhodes
Posted in Ancient Combat on Nov 21, 2016 — 211 reads, 1 comment
Ancient Pankration And Modern MMA As Social Trends
Posted in Ancient Combat on Aug 31, 2016 — 241 reads, 2 comments
The Masculine Body Type Ancient Boxing Coaches Regarded As The Ideal
Posted in Ancient Combat on Aug 14, 2016 — 1399 reads, 2 comments
A Man Question From Gage
Posted in Ancient Combat on Jan 30, 2016 — 323 reads, 3 comments
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In this sequel to Black and Pale [also published in print as The Jericho Bone], Yusef, having survived the Egyptian Famine of 1201, seeks passage to India so he can find the woman he once saw in a flesh house tapestry and make her his—his carnal quest aided by the weird creatures stalking him across the Sinai at some sorcerer's behest.

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