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Appendix, The Boxer Dread: 331 B.C. To Present
Posted in Ancient Combat on Apr 6, 2017 — 91 reads, 1 comment
The First Boxers Kindle Edition: A Fighter’s View Of Prize-fighting From Gilgamesh To Goliath
Posted in Ancient Combat on Dec 21, 2016 — 88 reads
Lycus, Chief Of The Mariandyni Recounts The Prowess Of Herakles, From The Argonautica By Apollonius Of Rhodes
Posted in Ancient Combat on Nov 21, 2016 — 152 reads, 1 comment
Ancient Pankration And Modern MMA As Social Trends
Posted in Ancient Combat on Aug 31, 2016 — 174 reads, 2 comments
The Masculine Body Type Ancient Boxing Coaches Regarded As The Ideal
Posted in Ancient Combat on Aug 14, 2016 — 1235 reads, 1 comment
A Man Question From Gage
Posted in Ancient Combat on Jan 30, 2016 — 210 reads, 3 comments
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He is a purpose-built time-jumper; a genetic reclamation asset created to kill primitive men, impregnate viable women, and abduct the most valuable children. Despite his origins he possesses human feelings, has absorbed certain ethics from those he had been designed to hunt, and has suffered a critical malfunction… Also see:
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