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By Fred Beare
Posted in Blog on Mar 24, 2017 — 132 reads
New Jersey Nazi Wants To Change Last Name To Hitler
Posted in Blog on Mar 6, 2017 — 135 reads, 2 comments
North Korea Executes Five Officials With Anti-Aircraft Guns
Posted in Blog on Feb 28, 2017 — 118 reads, 2 comments
Will The Globalists Someday Hatch Real Orks?
Posted in Blog on Feb 6, 2017 — 247 reads, 2 comments
Comment Of The Week: Jan-14-2017
Posted in Gaming on Jan 14, 2017 — 180 reads, 2 comments
We're Not Fucked Up Enough Just Yet?
Posted in Blog on Dec 8, 2016 — 206 reads, 1 comment
What Is The Most Common Type Of Helmet Worn By Black Baltimore Bikers?
Posted in Harm City on Aug 14, 2016 — 236 reads
The Greatest Insult, By J.T.C., A Chick Publications Flip Comic
Posted in Blog on Aug 8, 2016 — 144 reads
Tags:   Book Reviews, WTF
A Heads Up On Doings In Mordor From Ron West
Posted in Blog on Aug 2, 2016 — 178 reads
The Return Of Our Post-Modern Prophet
Posted in Blog on Jul 23, 2016 — 207 reads
Our Winged Dark Lord Has An Adviser Who Wrote The Following
Posted in Blog on Jul 10, 2016 — 287 reads, 3 comments
The Sanctity Of Life?
Posted in Blog on Jul 2, 2016 — 192 reads, 2 comments
Florida Man Raids Car Dealership After Trying To Buy BMW With Food Stamps
Posted in Blog on Mar 22, 2016 — 194 reads
Tags:   Site Reviews, WTF
Graphomania Queries From Hesther And Oliver
Posted in Blog on Mar 18, 2016 — 185 reads, 1 comment
This Needs To Be A Book
Posted in Harm City on Mar 9, 2016 — 344 reads, 1 comment
Tags:   Site Reviews, WTF
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This myopic adventure blends military science-fiction and mythic fantasy as Yule First Warrior of the Eternal Hall and God of War over Men is cast down from Heaven to wander 21st Century America in a brutal quest for a much coveted head that remains maddeningly attached to the body of a meddlesome prophet. Parental Warning: Explicit sexual situations, extreme violence and brutality. Also see:
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