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And Invading The Search For Truth
Posted in Blog on Jan 8, 2018 — 218 reads
The Interesting Life Of A Hobo Goon Turned Commando
Posted in Modern Combat on Nov 18, 2017 — 175 reads, 1 comment
False News Fallout From The Vegas Slaughter: Updated 10/17/17
Posted in Gaming on Oct 16, 2017 — 364 reads, 6 comments
Rebel Yell Podcast To Feature The Harm City Crackpot
Posted in Blog on Aug 19, 2017 — 241 reads, 2 comments
Once Again, Robert E. Howard Saw The Truth Where Anthropologists And Historians Have Posited Lies
Posted in Blog on May 12, 2017 — 194 reads
Still The Worst Thing Since Sliced Bread
Posted in Blog on Apr 14, 2017 — 125 reads
Inspired By The Label On A Bottle Of Chocolate Milk
Posted in Harm City on Apr 13, 2017 — 170 reads, 1 comment
A Reader Asks
Posted in Blog on Mar 27, 2017 — 146 reads, 1 comment
Mountain Guerilla And The Reluctant Partisan
Posted in Modern Combat on Mar 27, 2017 — 175 reads, 1 comment
How The Harm City Hoodrats Train
Posted in Harm City on Feb 18, 2017 — 179 reads, 1 comment
The Black Pigeon On The Controlled Media And Fake News
Posted in Blog on Feb 18, 2017 — 132 reads
A Man Question From Scott
Posted in Blog on Oct 2, 2016 — 254 reads
A Note To 89: You Were Not The First And Will Not Be The Last
Posted in Blog on Oct 1, 2016 — 220 reads, 1 comment
Oliver’s Recommendation To New Readers
Posted in Blog on Aug 29, 2016 — 188 reads
Harm City to Chicongo
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This troubling memoir chronicles the aggression of ideas that fuels the violence and inequity that engulfs us. The author recounts 24 tales of prejudice and hatred as he retraces his life from innocent boyhood, through a troubled youth and savage adulthood, and into fatalistic middle-age; a life lived within a violent, fractured, self-hating society at war with its own reason for being. Also see:

Original sketch by Joe Bellofatto

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