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Mescaline Franklin Tries To Get To The Bottom Of The Flag Raising Craze In Baltimore
Posted in Harm City on Aug 10, 2016 — 269 reads, 5 comments
If You Could Talk With Three Historical Figures Who Would They Be?
Posted in Gaming on Dec 4, 2015 — 270 reads, 8 comments
The Baltimore Sun Reports On Mass Killing
Posted in Blog on Dec 3, 2015 — 314 reads, 4 comments
White Wednesday #6: A Harm City Poll
Posted in Harm City on Jan 28, 2015 — 1483 reads, 8 comments
Ghetto Opinions On China White Overdoses
Posted in Harm City on Feb 10, 2014 — 130 reads, 1 comment
Search For The Articulate Snowman: Traitor, Hero Or Fool?
Posted in Blog on Jun 30, 2013 — 348 reads
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Engaging urban survival guide, brutal oral history and outrageous memoir, this disturbing book makes the case that civilization is a lie, human society is essentially cannibalistic, and you are on the menu. If you like Harm City you will love this; it's LaFond at his most politically incorrect. Also see:
Baltimore Travel Guide Original sketch by Joe Bellofatto

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