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Coconut Groove: The Filthy Few, Chapter 1, Bookmark 2
Posted in Fiction on Apr 26, 2017 — 95 reads
First Of The Filthy Few: Joey Bennett, Congenital Criminal, Bookmark One
Posted in Fiction on Apr 23, 2017 — 125 reads
WellRead Ed On Vacant Houses In Detroit
Posted in Harm City on Apr 4, 2017 — 145 reads, 2 comments
Back Story For The Filthy Few With WellRead Ed, White Devil Of North Dindustan
Posted in Fiction on Apr 2, 2017 — 136 reads
Filthy Few Character Sketch: 1 Of 6
Posted in Fiction on Feb 19, 2017 — 86 reads
A Military Science-Fiction Collaboration With Samuel Finlay
Posted in Fiction on Jan 10, 2017 — 139 reads, 2 comments
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Who really was the Greatest? Rather than argue the point the author developed a system for using a fighter's record to determine his greatness as a boxer. Also includes rankings for the toughest, KO artists, undefeated champions, fighters who never lost a decision and weight class rankings. Also see:
Baltimore Travel Guide Original sketch by Joe Bellofatto

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