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~ The Urban League Murderbowl ~
Crackpot Mailbox: Murderbowl News With Marius, Nero The Pict, WellRead Ed And The Crackpot
Posted in Harm City on Nov 17, 2019 — 71 reads
Notes From The Crackpot's Return To Harm Citay And Invitation To This Year's Murderbowl Drawing
Posted in Harm City on Oct 31, 2019 — 223 reads
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In this sequel to Black and Pale [also published in print as The Jericho Bone], Yusef, having survived the Egyptian Famine of 1201, seeks passage to India so he can find the woman he once saw in a flesh house tapestry and make her his—his carnal quest aided by the weird creatures stalking him across the Sinai at some sorcerer's behest.

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