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With Lynn Lockhart At
Posted in Modern Combat on Mar 27, 2017 — 122 reads
James And Lynn Discuss Masculinity And Author Nassim Taleb's Work On The Denaturing Aspects Of Corporate Culture
Posted in Blog on Mar 7, 2017 — 117 reads
Posted in Blog on Feb 23, 2017 — 121 reads, 1 comment
An Alternative Literary Site
Posted in Blog on Feb 22, 2017 — 126 reads, 2 comments
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Tamar Jackson is the 11-year old subject of extreme bullying who is befriended by a 'mad-planning' rabbit. The rabbit offers his assistance as a survival expert in return for two favors that will forever put Tamar at odds with the world of grownups. Also see:
Baltimore Travel Guide Original sketch by Joe Bellofatto

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