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Putting It To The Whiteman And Taking It To The Streets!
Posted in Harm City on Aug 18, 2017 — 54 reads
Before And After Midnight On July 18, 2017
Posted in Harm City on Jul 21, 2017 — 254 reads, 1 comment
Two Feral Hero Thugs Running From The Woman Who Gave One A Girl's Name
Posted in Harm City on Jul 17, 2017 — 163 reads
Mystery Meat On Hate Parade: Saturday Afternoon, 5/13/17, Loch Raven And Joppa
Posted in Harm City on May 17, 2017 — 146 reads
On Patrol And Checking Under The Hood: Thursday, 6:04 P.m., March 23, 2017
Posted in Harm City on Apr 9, 2017 — 140 reads
Ridgely Oak Community, Baltimore County, Residential Side Street, 3:48 P.M., 3/22/17
Posted in Harm City on Mar 24, 2017 — 135 reads, 1 comment
Chronology Of The Hero-Thug Rising
Posted in Harm City on Mar 24, 2017 — 140 reads
Hero-Thug Profiles: Humanizing My Hunter-Oppressor In The Anarcho-Tyranny Zone
Posted in Harm City on Mar 24, 2017 — 148 reads, 2 comments
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This sci-fi tale spans 20,000 years, from the Ice Age to a future ruled by Human Fabrication Corporations and follows nine people: a Neanderthal shaman; a purpose built man-hunter; a Native American messiah; a reformed crack dealer; an ancient philosopher; a boy trapped in an innocence exhibit; a white supremacist; a ‘trashed’ immersion gamer; and a federal agent. Also see:
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