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A New Crack In The Masculine Pot: 6/21/17, 11:00 P.M.
Posted in Harm City on Jun 28, 2017 — 84 reads
On The LZ, Friday June 9, 11:03 P.M.
Posted in Harm City on Jun 19, 2017 — 169 reads
Operational Magic Negro-White Devil Intelligence Sharing
Posted in Harm City on May 27, 2017 — 177 reads
Ishmael, Can You Machine Me A New Pimp Cane?
Posted in Harm City on Apr 3, 2017 — 215 reads, 6 comments
A Moment Between A Boxer And His Coach: Saturday, 1:00 P.M., 3/18/17
Posted in Harm City on Apr 2, 2017 — 153 reads
Appendices To Magic Dindus & White Devils
Posted in Blog on Apr 2, 2017 — 151 reads
The Arts And Practice Of Dindu-Wrangling And Devil-Finding
Posted in Harm City on Apr 1, 2017 — 197 reads, 1 comment
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The quest to journey through Time to plunder the past has turned into a scramble for possession of the time-travel devices, and of those people already brought forward. Three-Rivers, now a time-bending teenager with a messiah complex, heads a large cast of time-travelers as diverse as a Greek philosopher, an apostate Franciscan monk, and a drug-addicted squirrel. Also see:
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