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Slavery Now Update
Posted in Blog on Aug 14, 2017 — 85 reads
Trafficking Sex Slaves Today
Posted in Blog on Aug 9, 2017 — 292 reads
Making A Comeback!
Posted in Blog on Jul 25, 2017 — 117 reads
Sick World Updates
Posted in Harm City on Jul 19, 2017 — 248 reads, 1 comment
And Other Insane News From Within The Imploding Negation Matrix
Posted in Blog on Jun 16, 2017 — 101 reads
Human Hunting Notes From Harm County: A Guerilla Patriarchy Citation
Posted in Harm City on Jun 8, 2017 — 166 reads, 1 comment
Two Recent Stories Of Modern Slavery
Posted in Blog on May 13, 2017 — 173 reads, 1 comment
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A diverse team of time-travelers are tasked with recovering lost genes and genius’ from the deep past. 16th Century Seneca Child Savant Three-Rivers, the first person recovered from the past, and the time-traveler that originally contacted him, become suspicious of their sponsors’ motives and begin a chronological insurrection. Also see:
Baltimore Travel Guide Original sketch by Joe Bellofatto

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