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A Way To Stay Prolific When Winter Comes Again
Posted in Blog on Aug 1, 2017 — 106 reads, 1 comment
An Advertisement From The Interior Of An MTA Bus
Posted in Harm City on Jun 8, 2017 — 154 reads
Hoodrat Martyrdom In Harm County, Updated 6/10/17
Posted in Harm City on Jun 8, 2017 — 267 reads
Suicide As Negotiated Despair: Martyrdom, Tribalism, Heroism, Fury, Spite & Ennui In Myth, History, Fiction & Crime
Posted in Blog on May 28, 2017 — 143 reads
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A systematic investigation of the origins of boxing; a biomechanical index of boxing methods; an exploration of sacral prizefighting in Babylon; the methods of the stick-fighting boxers of Egypt; and the secrets of the mysterious boxer kings of Crete. 120 pages, 47 illustrations, 7.8-MB download. Also see:
Baltimore Travel Guide Original sketch by Joe Bellofatto

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