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John White’s Planter’s Plea, Pages 6-16
Posted in Ancient Combat on Jul 27, 2017 — 92 reads
An Old School Right Winger On Why What Liberals Think Is Bad Is Good
Posted in Blog on Jun 22, 2017 — 168 reads
The Moral Foundation Of New England From John White’s Planters Plea
Posted in Ancient Combat on Jun 15, 2017 — 84 reads, 1 comment
Killing The Nucleus Of The Human Disease
Posted in Ancient Combat on Jun 15, 2017 — 103 reads
From Herodotus To Thucydides To The Revised Mind Of Modernity
Posted in Ancient Combat on Jun 15, 2017 — 94 reads
The Warping Of The American Mind: A Sidebar To The Lies That Bind Us
Posted in Ancient Combat on Jun 12, 2017 — 168 reads, 4 comments
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A study of ancient Greek combat arts including: the arts and culture of arête [warrior-virtue], pale [wrestling], pentathlon [five exercises], pankration [all-power-thing]; rankings of historical fighters; appendices; and a 1000+ word Hellenik Glossary. 145+ pages, 31 illustrations, 5.9 MB download. Also see:
Baltimore Travel Guide Original sketch by Joe Bellofatto

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