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James LaFond's Survey Of Masculine Taboo Characteristics: AnOnline Form By Lynn Lockhart
Posted in Blog on Aug 29, 2017 — 206 reads
Survey Results
Posted in Blog on Aug 28, 2017 — 195 reads
A Survey Guide
Posted in Blog on Aug 28, 2017 — 190 reads
Defining Postmodern Masculine Taboos Via Subjective Survey
Posted in Blog on Aug 26, 2017 — 303 reads, 13 comments
Harm City to Chicongo
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James LaFond has been fighting for longer than most active fighters have been alive. This book chronicles his many injuries: how, who, where, why, when, and why not! 11 photos and 68 pages of LaFond getting his butt kicked; a must read for anyone who dislikes the man! Also see:

The Man Cave

Baltimore Travel Guide

Original sketch by Joe Bellofatto

The Combat Space

Guest Author Ron West

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