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James LaFond's Survey Of Masculine Taboo Characteristics: AnOnline Form By Lynn Lockhart
Posted in Blog on Aug 29, 2017 — 147 reads
Survey Results
Posted in Blog on Aug 28, 2017 — 173 reads
A Survey Guide
Posted in Blog on Aug 28, 2017 — 176 reads
Defining Postmodern Masculine Taboos Via Subjective Survey
Posted in Blog on Aug 26, 2017 — 283 reads, 13 comments
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He is a purpose-built time-jumper; a genetic reclamation asset created to kill primitive men, impregnate viable women, and abduct the most valuable children. Despite his origins he possesses human feelings, has absorbed certain ethics from those he had been designed to hunt, and has suffered a critical malfunction… Also see:
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