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A Muse On Escaping The Machine Macabre By The Checkered Demon
Posted in Blog on Oct 31, 2017 — 124 reads
A Novel Of Human Extinction [Dust Cover]
Posted in Fiction on Oct 24, 2017 — 192 reads
A Novel Of Human Extinction
Posted in Fiction on Oct 24, 2017 — 137 reads
Harm City to Chicongo
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A comprehensive study of ancient Greek boxing contests, training, methods, politics, and personalities. Every aspect of the ancient boxers' life is uncovered. Meet the heroes, villains, gods, and even a pre-Christian saint, who fought before the sacred altars of Thunderchief and the lesser Olympians. 189 pages, 69 illustrations, 10.2 MB download. Also see:
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Guest Author Ron West

Original sketch by Joe Bellofatto

The Man Cave

The Combat Space

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