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Barbarism Vs. Civilization & Autumn In A Dying City Censorship Status Change
Posted in Blog on Sep 19, 2018 — 366 reads
A Thought Crime Recategorized
Posted in Blog on Sep 19, 2018 — 313 reads
A Heads Up From A Book Buyer
Posted in Blog on Sep 5, 2018 — 423 reads, 6 comments
Tracking James LaFond's Unpaid Advertisement Agency Activity
Posted in Gaming on Jul 24, 2018 — 374 reads, 2 comments
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Who really was the Greatest? Rather than argue the point the author developed a system for using a fighter's record to determine his greatness as a boxer. Also includes rankings for the toughest, KO artists, undefeated champions, fighters who never lost a decision and weight class rankings. Also see:
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Harm City to Chicongo

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