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~ Zombie Occupation Government ~
Crackpot Mailbox: Mister Bob Unearths Zombie Apocalypse Ground Zero As Ebony Vamp Feeds On Pale Antihero
Posted in Harm City on Sep 5, 2019 — 366 reads
Specific Impacts Of The ‘Invade The World Invite The World’ Imperial Strategy
Posted in Harm City on Jul 20, 2019 — 654 reads
Zombie Occupation Government Explained: An Apology For An Acronymous Misunderstanding
Posted in Blog on Jul 8, 2019 — 442 reads
Plantation America
A diverse team of time-travelers are tasked with recovering lost genes and genius’ from the deep past. 16th Century Seneca Child Savant Three-Rivers, the first person recovered from the past, and the time-traveler that originally contacted him, become suspicious of their sponsors’ motives and begin a chronological insurrection.
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