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A Railroad Artist I Met On The California Zephyr
Posted in Blog on Oct 9, 2018 — 142 reads
Media Priesthood Deepens Commitment To Making Self-Defense Impossible
Posted in Modern Combat on Sep 18, 2018 — 297 reads, 3 comments
Scotland Yard Offers Proof
Posted in Blog on Sep 6, 2018 — 326 reads
The Story Of A Spanish Slave Boy Sold In 1948
Posted in Ancient Combat on Aug 31, 2018 — 252 reads, 1 comment
Defining Restoration And Reaction By ‘Jim’
Posted in Blog on Aug 15, 2018 — 275 reads, 1 comment
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The author of Tribes, Fights and The Sunset Saga has written an RPG focused on small scale adventures involving protagonists that are not superhuman, but truly human. What might it be like to be thrust into harrowing circumstance when you are not a superhero? Also see:
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