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~ The Sardonyx Stone ~
Soul Of The West Series Expansion By Marcus Casca And James LaFond
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And Other Mythic Concepts With C8 And James
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Considering The Shape And Shades Of Our Connective Soul
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The Sardonyx Stone #3: Roland And Ganelon Speak, Verses 11-16
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The Sardonyx Stone #2: The Message From King Marsile, Verses 8-10
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The Sardonyx Stone #1: An Adaptation Of The Song Of Roland
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Plantation America
Despite his youth and deformities, Three-Rivers is a renowned visionary among the Longhouse-people. So it is no surprise, that when an insane white savage comes into Mother Earth seeking Hiawatha, that it is Three-Rivers who meets him by chance under the looming forest above the Shellfish-water. There is cause, however, for surprise, and also an otherworldly quest; for this man is possessed by a potent flesh-demon, brings dread warnings of evil invaders, and has been sent into the world by a thunder-conjurer from a mysterious place beyond the very Sunset.
The Combat Space Harm City to Chicongo Dark Age The Man Cave Guest Author Ron West