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~ The Sardonyx Stone ~
Talking The Obsessive Monkey Off The Writer’s Back
Posted in Histories on Jan 25, 2020 — 321 reads
And Other Mythic Concepts With C8 And James
Posted in Fiction on Dec 16, 2019 — 486 reads, 2 comments
Considering The Shape And Shades Of Our Connective Soul
Posted in Blog on Dec 13, 2019 — 338 reads, 4 comments
The Sardonyx Stone #3: Roland And Ganelon Speak, Verses 11-16
Posted in Histories on Sep 14, 2015 — 120 reads
The Sardonyx Stone #2: The Message From King Marsile, Verses 8-10
Posted in Histories on Sep 2, 2015 — 153 reads
The Sardonyx Stone #1: An Adaptation Of The Song Of Roland
Posted in Histories on Aug 23, 2015 — 183 reads, 1 comment
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It is 1868 and Captain Richard F. Burton, intrepid secret agent, undefeated swordsmen, towering intellectual and famed explorer wastes away as the British Counsel to Sao Paulo Brazil... Little does he know that he is being sought by a duo of unlikely time-travelers: a mathematics professor and a murderously eccentric criminal.
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