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White Blight Note
Teutonic Fist & James
But besides that, do you believe the Red Ice stuff you link sometimes?
Cause this time it was a real laugher. This " The "Frisian Oera Linda Book" is real running gag. It’s a forgery that was made by two Francophile Dutchman during the latter half of the 18th hundreds. At that time the Germans defeated Napoleon and the German tribes were longing for a common founding myth to found common identity and the thing most handy was their difference between them and the French.
So they revived all those ancient Germanic myths about wuhuhuhu the existence of the German people and all that shit and that was the time where this giant monument was build of Arminius the cherusker. So the French basically said "those dumb swamp dwellers eat up every mystical myth we fed to them" and so the Frisian Oera Linda was created. But no one [read] it until 1922 when it was translated into today’s common German and then even the Nazis who were always searching for a mythical foundation had to admit "hey this stuff is bullshit" and no one spoke about it no more. You know, during the early 2000 when the internet was still in its early shoes there were a lot of pseudo-pagan communities in Germany that believed all sorts of shit like "uuuh the Germans are noble savages and they never had slaves" and all that bullshit.
Makes me sick cause these emotional faggots can't handle human nature and can't admit to what and who they are. Germans are mythical people who dwell in bogs and forests and they are very receptive to mythical tales. Cause they're bunch of dumb savages. And the dumbest and most naive among them are the Scandinavians. What really makes me sick are these anesthetic lies.
-Teutonic Fist
Two things stepped out at me here:
1. The host and the translator both said that even if it is a forgery that it is still valuable. That is a religious perspective.
2. If this manuscript is ancient and reflects pre-Roman contact Northern European views, than it is the only source of ancient white identity, period, the only one and is also the only indication that Northern Europeans knew of the existence of Sub-Saharan Africans before the intrusion of Roman life into the forests of Germania, Sarmatia and Britain.
Stillbirth of a Nation: Caucasian Slavery in Plantation America: Part One
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