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What Women Need
Five Truths about Women with Big Ron

A couple of men in their thirties have recently asked me about the attainment of female companionship. Seek this knowing that the women are not the goal but means to express yourself. Mating with a woman is one of the few ancient pleasures you can enjoy in this world without beating or stabbing a man, and, like combat, has a higher purpose. Women expect you to know what you’re doing. So if you are inexperienced, practice on lower quality women while seeking one that is worthy of bearing your children. I have consulted with Big Ron on this matter. The following advice is essentially collaboration.

Civilization has done everything it can to make men into women and women into men and has handed the ball off to science, to accomplish this by surgery and eventually gestational interference. In the meantime, for those few men who actually want to reproduce and throw your genetic spear point into the far future, how might you overcome these horrible impositions in the pursuit of a woman, one who is woman enough to plant your seed within?

By all means, remember that most women don’t even know what they want, let alone what they need.

#1 Honest Desire

Let her know that you want her.

Don’t be crude, loud or rude, but let her know with your eyes and mannerisms that you want to get your hands on her.

If she does not want the same she will move off, will make some kind of excuse or provoke an argument.

Never argue with a woman, ever.

Now send your eyes elsewhere and forget she exists.

Fixation on the unattainable is an expression of masculine retardation.

Focus on the attainable.

#2 Timing

Women have poor timing in most things, particularly conversation, as they employ a circular path of subreasonable reassurance as a consensus building device among their own kind.

They want to speak about themselves without being judged.

The more they talk the better you may place your comments. Most of them will be shocked when you say the right thing at the right time.

Few women understand this about themselves or their kind and I see no sense in cluing the dumb bitches in.

#3 Conversational Flow

Build on your timing not by letting a point sink in like you were debating with some sissy on an Alt-Right podcast [debate being a male adaptation of female squabbling behavior], but rather use that as a pivot point to advance the conversation in a direction which you suspect might please, comfort, entertain or astonish her.

Develop a narrative sense by telling stories, the same story over again to different people, with minimal pause and keeping their attention.

Don’t look at her body until she gets up from her seat. Look into her eyes. They love this. If you have any practice with staring men down, be careful to go about this softly. You can accomplish this by looking at different points of her face briefly, her hair, her lips are the best. They are freaky about their nose in general. If she has exposed her forehead with a deliberate hairy style or made up her cheeks, look at those as well, then right back to the eyes.

Women like active eyes as it is the sign of an apex predator and they all—all—want to be inseminated by an actual or potential killer.

#4 Humor

Your conversational aptitude will lay the foundation for humor, which depends first on your intelligence and secondly on hers. You have to understand what will strike her as funny.

Women love a good sense of humor for the very practical reason that it denotes high social intelligence, indicating your economic viability and social dominance and also lets her know that you have a high emotional intelligence and that is especially important when dealing with the insane bitches of the Postmodern Age and she knows it in her pretty bones.

Mockery and other low forms of humor must be avoided in the search for a good woman’s soul.

Politics and war are the worst points of conversation and are beyond their ken so avoid these things, which leads us to the final key to owning a woman’s soul.

#5 Protection from the Truth

Women cannot bear the truth.

God did not design them to seek, understand or accept the truth.

Listen, you brainwashed tool of Civilization, she cannot handle the fucking truth so keep it from her.

Seek men for political partners. Women should not be involved in politics, as politics is an emasculating activity which brings out the worst in her. Our society has been all but destroyed by the female vote.

Mature women understand that their men keep things from them. The most toxic element of postmodern psycho babblebullshit is this belief that a woman must know everything in a man’s soul. If she ever does, she either will not respect you or run in fear from you.

It is remarkable how much trust a woman will vest in you if she knows with certainty that you will never hurt her physically, that you will never strike her. That is enough for her to put up with a lot of shit.

If you care about your woman, whether she is your mother, sister, lover, wife or daughter:

-Don’t talk politics with her.

-Don’t tell her that you’re fighting a guy you can’t beat.

-Don’t tell her that you’re fucking the aerobics instructor you’re giving boxing lessons to.

-Don’t tell her that you wake up dreaming about what to do with your boss’s severed head every time you start awake at night.

-Don’t tell her that you think you’re going to be killed on the way to work tonight.

-Don’t tell her that her sister or best friend want to fuck you.

-Don’t tell her you’ve got cancer.

-And absolutely don’t tell her that you’d burn down her precious city if you could find a torch big enough.

-She wants to now all these things about you, but not as you’d tell them to a friend or a therapist. She’ll eventually come to understand you when she gets the sense that you’re fucking her stupid rather than venting your rage on the wicked world.

Wake up, Romeo and let the man within you that’s been buried by the amoral rubble of this sick society tell her in his timeless way who exactly you are.

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PRFebruary 27, 2018 10:23 PM UTC

Thanks, Big Ron!
Sam J.February 22, 2018 4:45 PM UTC

This is really good stuff.
anonymousFebruary 21, 2018 10:50 PM UTC

And in case there really are people on this site just getting started with women, check out the commandments of poon at, or