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The Siege of Negropolis
Jeremy and James Discuss the Paradigm That Is Comming to You

Harm City Update.

Is there any limit to how high the crime rate can rise in Baltimore? What happens when all the retail businesses finally leave and there is nothing left to rob? The place will truly be a ‘food desert’ then. Will the government eventually be forced to airdrop groceries to keep Harm City supplied? It’s a cinch it will soon become too dangerous for delivery trucks to enter the negropolis.

“While the three-year spike in violent crime in Baltimore draws most of the attention, business owners across the city have suffered a similar increase in commercial robberies. Such crime has risen 88 percent in the last five years, from 560 commercial robberies in 2013 to more than 1,000 last year.”

“Business owners are also complaining of threats outside their stores: drug dealing, intimidation, stabbings and shootings. They’re fighting back with security measures — guards, surveillance cameras, door buzzer systems — moving out of the city or, in some cases, shutting down altogether.”

It's not just homicides that have increased in Baltimore — commercial robberies are up 88 percent

Jeremy, this article is a white wash, the real rise in crime in Harm City—undocumented by the police and suppressed all the way up the chain is street robbery—is not facility robbery. Also, over half of robberies of retail outlets are misreported as shoplifting or destruction of property, assault and even burglary! I can only guess at this, but based on my grocery information, for every robbery that is reported, I suspect that 5 are reclassified. You see Jeremy, if a gun is not used, it will usually not be reported as a robbery.

I have seen a knife robbery reported as assault.

That's how we roll in Harm City, and this is all rolling your way. In fact, I will be para-dropped [well, I have to jump down out of Big Ron's pickup truck] back into Harm City for 1 hour to police my former barracks before being whisked away to my new post: reporting on the regiment-level invasion of Harm County.

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