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The Autobiography of Malcolm X as Told to Alex Haley

Either this website cannot handle an article of this size or the Gods of the internet will not let me publish certain things. This article is missing the first 800 words, which will be included in White Devils & Magic Negroes when it makes it to print. Two hours into trying to paste this article into the back end of the site has convinced me it is impossible. My apologies.

...Malcolm’s father was a brute who beat his wife and children and his wife followed suit, whipping the children mercilessly. His father, Reverend Earl Little, was murdered for his black separatist activities, with police, coroner and media conspiring with the insurance company to deny payment of his life insurance to his large surviving family. Earl’s work ethic and strong independent spirit was reflected by his wife and imitated by their children who helped their mother “make ends meet.”

It is notable that the KKK riders did not harm the Littles but tried to frighten them and that when the father was finally killed, those who did it strove to make it seem an accident, which demonstrates that the white communities, in Nebraska and Michigan, were not comfortable with terrorizing negroes. It is also notable that Earl Little was threatened [in Nebraska] and eventually killed [in Michigan] for preaching segregation and removal from white society!

The shadow of white society loomed gigantic over the Littles, who were well treated and helped by neighbors, with white rabbit hunters even buying rabbits the Little boys had killed in a charitable fashion.

Malcolm learned to hate liberal whites above all others as “welfare people” would constantly seek to break up the family, and pressured the widow Little so much that she went insane when she was unable to land a husband to care for 8 children.


At age 13 Malcolm was adopted by a church going foster family and became by stages the pet Negro of various liberal whites who held him in obvious pity and contempt as an inferior creature. He eventually rejected this paternalistic behavior and became a real trouble maker.

Malcolm’s profound ignorance, living in the shadow of white society, comes through with the fact that he believed that whites called blacks coons out of hatred and only called whites coons as a hateful insult, when, unbeknownst to him, whites from Louisiana to Montana had been referring to themselves as coons for centuries.

Everywhere Malcolm turned he was color struck and oppressed by the racial fatigue of living in the midst of a larger, alien population who would not leave his people alone. The liberal whites in Malcolm’s youth seem dedicated to meddling in Negro affairs, and heaping welfare on them in the midst of the depression with many strings attached.

Malcolm even bought into the white notion of Negro athletic superiority and tried boxing, much to his dismay, being crushed by white opponents.


At age 14, Malcolm moved to Boston to live with his hard-striving, middle-class, black half sister and was inducted into the shaming culture of affluent urban Negroes, with such rituals as hair straightening and buying zoot suits on credit.

A job was called “a slave” and every Negro sought to either slave in imitation of whites and adopt their manners and finery, or hustle as petty criminals to maintain some level of separation from the greater alien society, but could never escape white beauty standards. Malcolm began behaving exactly like the Negro politicians that Booker T. Washington railed against, who dressed and strutted like peacocks rather than work.


In his teens and working at increasingly better jobs, Malcolm ruined various women, white and black, as he strutted, danced, jived and otherwise tried to shine in the oppressive shadow of white society, which he came to resent even more as he began to get addicted to celebrity, music and dance.

By the end of this chapter he was a sex drone of a white woman who rented him an apartment just as America was entering WWII.


Malcolm, usually known as Red, enjoyed increasing opportunity at work, crime and sex play as white men were siphoned out of the economy and into the war effort. His hatred for whites and his distrust of women bloomed there, as, in his formative mid- to late-teens he became involved in the world of vice. His hatred of paternalistic whites was no stoked by his contact with only the very worst segments of white society: police, prostitutes, johns and drug addicts.

Interestingly, in the early 1940s he was familiar with the terms “Daddy-o” and “hip” and other such degenerate language and pointed out that long- haired white drug addicts were already living in Harlem as “hippies” in the late 1930s and early 40s. He noticed that the empty suits and soulless women of the affluent white elite sought out urban Negro society as a place to vent all of their many perversions and from this comes his picture of the white race, of a degenerate vice-loving people.

Malcolm X, from birth to death, possessed an intense opaqueness of perspective.

Detroit Red

As a numbers runner and steerer of men to prostitutes [not a pimp] Malcolm gained a keen view of Harlem life, with characters such as West Indian Archie, a brutal killer with a photographic mind who was able to carry numbers in his head and Jumpsteady, a famous cat burglar who got doped up on heroin when he climbed the rooftops of New York like a superhero. The use of pot, cocaine and heroin was rife in Harlem, and attracted as many whites as did the music and sex.

The numbers racket—which Malcolm was addicted to as a customer as well—was how mobsters preyed on blacks, a practice that has since been usurped by the government in the form of lotteries, emptying the pockets of the high time preference denizens of the black community. Malcolm points out that blacks were so corrupt in Harlem that they only wanted to buy stolen goods and would pay higher dollar for defective merchandise that they fancied stolen than new quality goods, and that his brother had to hide the fact that he had a retail license and bought from wholesalers, in order to maintain his phony fencing business!


“Keeping body and soul together,” as his drug addictions became massive and his mind was distracted by his fine white girlfriend, drove Malcolm deeper into the world of crime. He would do armored robberies, carried a gun to poker games and developed a menacing reputation, all before age 21.


Malcolm’s work in catering to white perversion and black gullibility eventually resulted in his forming a burglary gang with two white women and two black men, who predictably fumbled along as subsistence level criminals.


At his hip apogee, at the top of the world and on the cusp of manhood, Malcolm was becoming insane from drug use and soon fell into the hands of detectives and the court system, whining still, twenty years later, that the white women he talked into this caper got less time than he did. He had never achieved agency.

Malcolm mentions how vibrant Harlem was until the 1935 black riots and that the entire economy of Harlem was finally snuffed out by the 1944 black riots, admitting that many blacks had prospered catering to the degeneracy of the worst of the whites from the top and bottom tiers of society.


Malcolm, a drug addict in prison, was such a foul, profane youth he was called Satan by his prison mates. Behind bars Malcolm becomes even more resentful of white society.


Malcolm’s family had not all followed him into crime. Half of his sibling became members of the Nation of Islam and converted Malcolm, along with Elijah Mohamed, who sent him $5 in an envelope.


Helped out of prison, into a rehab facility and then into the still healthy Detroit Economy. Working for Jews who cheated blacks at a furniture store as he came under the mentorship of Elijah Mohamed, he paints a picture of the Nation of Islam as schismatic from its birth, with his mentor, having fled from city to city from jealous Black Muslim claimants to the brotherly throne. He further explains that the X is a symbol for the unknowable African name stolen by the “blue-eyed devil white man.”

Here again, with this xenophobic, slave mentality view of white society as consisting of 100% elite people, Malcolm and his brothers continually buy into the white lie that is American history. If Malcolm would have met my great uncle in Boston and discovered that the Falls River LaFonds were descended from an English orphan sold to a French Canadian master, who gave him his name as a slave name, he might have gotten an inkling of the truth. For Malcolm had, as an uneducated man, a distinct distrust of American history [which this reader has found to be erected upon many foundational lies] but lacked the perspective and intellect to take his correct suspicion further than obvious gross observations.

For Malcolm, reading history was a myopic exercise in confirmation bias, enabled and nurtured, primarily by two factors:

The foundational mainstream lie that only people of African descent were enslaved to build America,

The constant meddling of liberal and elite whites in Negro affairs, which formed a one-way type of segregation, with blacks barred from white communities, except as servitors, yet with whites maintaining full access to black communities for drugs, sex, crime and ideological activities.

Minister Malcolm X

Malcolm’s ability to navigate the criminal underworld with confidence made him the best possible recruiter for a Black Nationalist cause and he soon began founding and expanding Nation of Islam Temples across the nation.

Black Muslims

Malcolm relates the comical mythos of the Black Muslim cosmos, in which W. D. Fard, a mixed race man of Afghan descent, played on the fears, social myopia and real white oppression endured by black folks to form a perfect amalgamation of crackpot theosophy, Protestant dress and decorum and ethics and Islamic slave fervor.


Malcolm became the front man for his mentor, a small meek man, as he wowed the white press, became a celebrity among white liberals and a devil to black and white conservatives, and played supremely well the game of celebrity that he was addicted to in his youth as a confidence man of 17 who walked with gangsters thrice his age as a man among men. He truly towered as a spokesman for his cause and brought forth the Jealousy-based schismatic tendencies embedded in the slave mind collective of the Nation of Islam.

Malcolm also discovered that Elijah Mohamed was discarding the protestant austerity in his private life and impregnating Sisters among the Black Muslims.


Malcolm was kicked out of the Nation he had done so much to expand from the meager portion of the African American soul it commanded upon his conversion to a recognized social movement. As ever, he remained better at seducing whites than blacks.


In this chapter Malcolm goes on a name-dropping reflection upon his jaunt around the world to visit dignitaries, black and otherwise, Muslim and otherwise, to learn more about the black man’s position in the world in relation to Islam. He has unwittingly become the articulate mascot once again, the pet of people who cared very little for the plight of African Americans, but rather how African Americans and their predicament might by tapped to serve a greater global cause.


Malcolm relates his now global crusade against white America, establishing a powerful anti-white knack for articulation even as he was seduced by white liberal elites.


In the final chapter he dictated to Alex Haley, Malcolm has now advanced from speaking of “blue eyed devil white men” to “racist white men,” essentially establishing the basis for our current political correct worship of the African American as a collective martyr race.

The following elements may be extracted from his ever maturing worldview:

1. White men are an expression of evil in a colored world.

2. The enslavement of Africans in North America [though dwarfed by that of Africans in the Muslim World and equaled by that of whites in the Muslim World] is the single most unique and hateful sin perpetrated by one group of humans upon another.

3. The African is “The Original Man” a theory put forth by W. D. Fard long before science adopted this view.

4. There is a hidden history of America that is apparent immediately to any reader who comes to American history after reading less engineered national narratives.

5. That America is dedicated to the emasculation of men.

6. That all interracial mating between a white man and a woman of color is uniquely rape, whether the woman eagerly agrees or not, that rape, like other aggression, is conducted without agency by the rapist who serves as a mere vector for his race.

7. That racial integration is insanity.

8. That drug addiction is a key aspect of deracinating a people and stripping them of ethnic and cultural identity.

9. Despite the claim that American history is largely false, the American vision of the history of WWII, commonly accepted by the liberal media and academia, is regarded as entirely true.

Looking at the list above I see:

-4 points that form the foundation of postmodern liberal political correctness, these being 1, 2, 3 & 9

-4 points that are in line with at least some current thinking on the Alternative American Right, these being: 4, 5, 7 & 8

-1 point that is held almost exclusively by militant blacks, but reflects a left-leaning feminist view, being 6, the belief that all sex between white men and black women is rape and that sex between black men and others cannot be rape, as their penis is not acting in concord with the wishes of the “blue-eyed devil white man.”


It seems that Malcolm X was slain for exceeding his spiritual father in the world of the Nation of Islam, reaping the fate of many American racial identitarians, more often slain by their own than by racial enemies. [See recent Mormon Schisms and skinhead urges as examples.]


Malcolm Little was born and lived and transformed entirely in the shadow of the greater white society which simultaneous wished to manage his life and deny his belonging, making of him forever a man incapable of seeing the world without being blinded by the damning reflection of the great white monster who weaned him as a moral slave to his own degradation. This clear litany, from his own spoken words, concerning his lack of agency and alternate submission to and emasculation by the American Negro Management system, to rampant vice and ultimately to elevation on a magic carpet of preposterous lies, makes it all the more tragic when one realizes that he essentially founded postmodern American social discord.

In the end, Malcolm was a hero and a prophet according to the eldest measures of a man and that he died striving for the identity of his people and that paleface America would be lucky to have such a person arise among their cowardly ranks, hopefully with a more lucid grasp on history and reality.


This reader believes whole-heartedly in the last quote below.

Page 111: “I was a true hustler—uneducated, unskilled at anything honorable, and I considered myself nervy and cunning enough to live by my wits, exploiting any prey that presented itself.”

Page 122: “Harlem was their sin-den, their fleshpot. They stole off among taboo black people and took off whatever antiseptic, important, dignified masks they wore in their white world.”

Page 137: “Every word I spoke was hip or profane. I would bet that my working vocabulary wasn’t two hundred words.”

Page 291: “God’s wrathful judgment is close upon the white man stumbling and groping blindly in wickedness and evil and spiritual darkness.”

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Sam J.February 24, 2018 3:23 PM UTC

"...The enslavement of Africans in North America [though dwarfed by that of Africans in the Muslim World and equaled by that of whites in the Muslim World] is the single most unique and hateful sin perpetrated by one group of humans upon another..."

This pales compared to the deaths and destruction of Communism. If Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn is correct 60 million in Russia.

"...“Harlem was their sin-den, their fleshpot. They stole off among taboo black people and took off whatever antiseptic, important, dignified masks they wore in their white world..."

Let's unpack this to get to the root of what is going on. Blacks allow this debasement in their societies where Whites do not or at least to the same extent. There is a fairly continuous thread of Blacks blaming Whites for all the ailments they allow to carry on in their territories. They could put a stop to all this killing and robbery in their territories but the ones doing the murder and the robbery are profiting from it, Their relatives want that little bit of profit and are willing to have the whole place debased to get it.