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The Curtain Falls
Anarcho-Tyranny End Game

As drug dealers pull back from murdering one another, the police and federal agencies begin taking over the drug trade, our criminal class in Baltimore is shifting their efforts to the business at hand, robbing merchants and individuals, spreading terror, setting fire to the warrens where the white rabbits hide.

So, even after a media blitz heralding 7 days without a killing in Baltimore City, just as the increasingly violent surrounding counties hide their murder stats from public view, the Baltimore Sun [which has just sold its building and rents a small corner of it] have announced:

“Crime spike hits retail”

“Commercial robberies up 88% in 5 years, but recent decline is noted”

There is no recent decline. Commercial robberies are being reclassified and misreported. Some are even going unreported as gangs threaten merchants for calling in the police.

The future is more banditry and less killings of drug dealers fighting for turf. In other words, the race war has taken full hold. Never again will as many young black warriors from Baltimore kill each other as they did in 2017. Rather they will begin acting as a race, their consciousness finally reawakened by decades of media indoctrination about their unique state of perpetual victimhood.

With the killings of violent criminals the primary focus of police activity for no other reason than it is the only crime that cannot be reclassified as a property crime, the criminal underworld has proved as adaptable as ever and devoted their resources to those pursuits that the police are disinclined to deal with.

Just yesterday, at 5:30 p.m., on the sidewalk of a primary street at rush hour, four thugs tried to rob me and backed off immediately when I began to draw my knife. Such attempted robberies are not even reportable and cannot be documented and those which are successful are rarely reported, and if they are reported, are then demoted to property crime status.

In fact, our most recent murder was of a middle-aged, paleface merchant on a primary street.

The news that Baltimore thugz are no longer slaughtering each other in vast numbers is not good news for anyone other than the thugs and their crime-dependent families.

White rabbit, white rabbit, the black dog is in the wood.

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ShepFebruary 25, 2018 9:20 PM UTC

White rabbit copy. Stand by for Goliath.