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Chedder Man Gets Eaten by Rats
By William Rapier

I wrote a critique of the ever-cheesy “Cheddar Man” “discovery” that ancient Britons had black skin and blue eyes. The claim made in the scientific papers was not supported by the data, only that Cheddar Man may have had darker skin than later age Britons. But, predictably enough, now the entire narrative looks like collapsing:

One of the geneticists involved in the research has doubts about the validity of the skin colour inference, and so do a number of geneticists. You know, the usual problem about the limitation of data to justify inferences, particularly pc ones, because the genetics of skin color is more complicated that was once thought, and is not yet fully understood. So, one should shut the fuck up until one has correct science.

That though did not stop the publication of this material to coincide with the release of the most pc movie ever made, “The Black Panther.” Perhaps the physical sciences will now go down the toilet like the Humanities and Social Sciences, tools of the [you fill in the blank]. But then again, maybe not without a fight since there still seem to be a few brave souls open to debunking bullshit, until they are culled out of our most corrupt institution, academia.

The Great Train Wreck of the West

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