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The Spirit of Monarchy
Crackpot Podcast Ep 24

Here is Episode 24 of the Crackpot Podcast!

Lynn and James discuss the spiritual aspects of monarchy and tribal leadership, as well as historical parallels to Trump's presidency.

The Crackpot Podcast features brain damaged writer James LaFond and sleep deprived mother slave Lynn Lockhart.



0:00:53 Topic intro, shout to MPC, JPB and J5. The spiritual aspect of monarchy

0:03:30 Three aspects of the executive power: 1. Goodness - Elders, 2. Power - War Chief, 3. Visionary - Wizard or Shaman

0:09:13 Political dynasties and cultural continuity

0:11:35 George Washington and oligarchy vs. monarchy

0:22:15 How important is the will of the people or the consent of the governed?

0:24:25 Philip of Macedon

0:27:15 The Spartans

0:29:50 Trump vs Caesar

0:36:36 Trump the war chief?

0:40:20 Trump as Charlemagne, Constantine, David, Charles Martel?

0:59:00 Expand into space instead of colonialism

1:03:05 Black History Month

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BayouCoyoteFebruary 28, 2018 9:44 AM UTC

Here's all the information needed about the silicone valley & fedgov traitors w/a model for their defeat by the creators of social media.

The Timeline of Evil

info described in the video above

Simplified solutions to sedition & high treason.
responds:February 28, 2018 5:14 PM UTC

Thank you, Sir for the links, am adding them to the Sheep State News.
Sam J.February 26, 2018 8:09 PM UTC

George Washington did give up the opportunity to be king so that's not nothing. As for the US being awful really this is only based on some perfection that we will never have. Compared to other societies it wasn't so bad. It's become much worse as all do and we're living in the defining time for for the future.

The Constitution was somewhat based on the Spartans. The US was originally a Republic and Republics have been fairly stable until they become too Democratic or Oligarchies.

Very good rule about power Lynn.

J5 is right. Trump while opening paths that have been closed is himself flawed. He's got to be blackmailed in some way. There's limits to how much pressure they can bring to bear on him but it's enough to stop him from openly investigating the false flag shootings. There's at least four that I know of that have clear, 100% proof in the open that they are not what the government says,(Boston, Las Vegas, Florida, 9-11) . I just saw a, I think it was, CBS interview with a teacher who said she saw the shooter(Florida) and he was wearing full gear, vest, mask helmet, etc. (I don't know how they let that one go. Maybe it was live and they couldn't stop her). It couldn't have been one shooter alone. He couldn't have put on all that stuff not to mention another student saw him in a hallway right after shooting was in another building. I wonder are they losing the narrative because of the internet, are they are stupid or are they just thumbing their noses at us? People I've known for a long time that thought I was a bit, touched, for all my building 7 talk and other observances are now coming to me and telling me about all these discrepancies and these are way normie people. Certainly not the conspiracy type. I didn't used to be the conspiracy type until after 9-11. I admit lots of suspicion but I was not willing to state it as a 100% fact until after 9-11.

This is a really great podcast. Great questions. Maybe the best one so far. Way up there at least.
responds:February 27, 2018 1:44 PM UTC

Washington was only tolerated by the other oligarchs based on their confidence that he would not break class loyalty and accept kingship.