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Anarcho-Tyranny Update.

"The cops are the experts on the current criminal trends. If they have determined that a "high capacity" semiautomatic pistol and a .223 semiautomatic rifle with 30-round magazines are the best firearms for them to use to protect people like me and my family, they are obviously the best things for us to use to protect ourselves and our families."

Massad Ayoob, Combat Firearms Expert

Home Invasion UK.

Dad is definitely someone who could have benefited from having a scary-looking gun like an AR15 next to his bed, eh? Being thusly armed he could conceivably have saved his son and himself, not mention his little dog Zeus, a pain-filled trip to the ER. But what the hell, they have free medical care in the UK, don’t they? Indeed, father, son and dog were fortunate not to have been hacked and beaten to death by the five man robbery crew. The perps clearly were highly agitated, in a lather one might say, at not having found the cash money they expected to find in the dwelling.

When seconds count the police are minutes away. If they respond at all these days. De-policing is rampant ‘cause the cops just don’t need the hassle that results from confrontations with members of oppressed groups.

Dad pictured drenched in blood after using martial arts skills to fight off machete gang raiding his £400k home

4 mins read

A gang of five robbers got more than they bargain for when they threatened a dad in his home, not realising he was a martial arts expert

A MARTIAL arts expert was left drenched in blood after he fought off a machete-wielding gang with his bare hands.

The thugs stormed into the home of David Pugh, 55, and demanded cash before they started attacking his teenage son and 20-week-old puppy.

David Pugh, a martial arts expert, took on five robbers armed with machetes Mr Pugh took on the five men with his bare hands despite the masked men carrying machetes, baseball bats and golf clubs.

He managed to see off the gang empty-handed from his detached home in leafy Catherine-de-Barnes, Solihull, West Midlands, after a ten-minute struggle.

But graphic photographs show the extent of David's injuries after he suffered a broken nose and facial injuries courageously defending his home.

He awoke to find the balaclava-clad men standing at the top of the stairs after they smashed into the £400,000 property on Tuesday morning at around 3am.

SWNS:South West News Service


David Pugh was left covered in blood after he took on the five members of the gang

David Pugh fought off five armed raiders in his home in a ten minute battle

Mr Pugh, who is trained in Israeli self-defence combat Krav Maga, said "instinct took over" when he found them attacking his 17-year-old son and Rottweiler puppy Zeus.

The sales manager said he then helped rescue his son while also fighting off other attackers and fended them off by throwing bottles of after-shave and chairs.

The dad-of-two said: "There was a loud bang at 3am when they smashed the patio doors to get in but I thought Zeus had knocked something over.

SWNS:South West News Service


The family's puppy Zeus, just 20-weeks old was also attacked by the gang

"By the time I got out of bed, totally naked, I was approaching the door and it was kicked in.

"It went with a right smash and there was four or five guys on the landing in balaclavas.

"The men kept shouting 'where's the money, give us your money'.

"I grabbed the first couple I could, it turned into a brawl and a battle. I just grabbed what I could and hit them with aftershave bottles and chairs.

"I was getting hit repeatedly on the head - they had machetes, a baseball bat and a golf club.

"I was desperately trying to get to my son's room. but I had so many splits to my head, I was drenched in blood.

SWNS:South West News Service


David Pugh needed medical attention after the attack

"We could only assume they saw that, realised we hadn't got any money and thought, 'we have gone too far', and got out of here.

"They must have thought they half-killed me. In retrospect we were probably quite lucky.

"We have a puppy and he got a blow to the head, he ended up running into the garden, he fell into the canal - he was hypothermic.

"A guy called Andy, a canoeist, found him and took him to Birmingham Dogs Home and warmed him up.

"We got out of hospital and took him to the vets and stitched him up.

"He's traumatised, my lad is traumatised, the police said it was one of the most brutal attacks in a home they had ever seen.

"They didn't leave with anything which is the only silver lining.

"They kicked every door in, all the frames are gone, every cupboard they have gone through, and rummaged through everything they could quickly.

"I took quite a few blows to the head and my son got a cut to his head as well, he tried to fight them off.

"He got hit by the bat about three times and he can hardly walk, his knee is all swollen up and we thought his arm was broken but it is badly bruised.

"The aftermath from it is horrendous.

"I don't think I'll have a sleep-filled night for a long time, I'll be on tenterhooks all the time.

"You don't expect something like this in your home."

A spokesperson for West Midlands Police said: "Police were alerted at 3.09am this to a break-in at an address in Lugtrout Lane, Catherine de Barnes, after a group of men had forced their way into the property and attacked the occupants.

"Officers arrived eight minutes after the 999 call. House to house enquiries have been carried out, CCTV is being examined and items recovered for forensic analysis.

"Investigations continue and anyone with information is asked to call West Midlands Police on 101 quoting log number 204 13/2."

Civil War Update.

“Don’t ask the Bosnians why they are fighting…They’ll TELL you!”

-P.J. O’Rourke, American humorist and newspaper reporter

Interesting article. It provides us some useful information in our quest for insight into how the breakup of America might proceed.

The subject of the interview, ‘Selco’, was living in Bosnia during the Civil War there. The former Yugoslavia was a different place than America is with a very different history, ethnicity and culture. Nevertheless, there are definite parallels between the two multi-ethnic federal republics. History may not really repeat itself, but situations repeat themselves since human beings really haven’t changed all that much in the past 40,000 years. For one, most of the people that lived in Yugoslavia in 1991-1992 never imagined that the fighting would get as bad as it did when the breakup commenced. This is strange on the face of it given that the history of the place from square one is that whichever group found itself on top always shit all over everyone else. So one would think they’d have seen it coming. But apparently most of the Yugoslavs in the 1990’s imagined that they lived in modern, post-historical times and that the kind of chaos, famine and atrocities that occurred in the bad old days just couldn’t happen anymore ('Never again!’). SOMEONE would step in and stop it. Someone like the UN, the Americans, the British, NATO, the EU, etc. Well someone did step in and put a stop to it, but not until AFTER both sides got a belly full of death and destruction and were willing not only to sue for peace, but to abide by the terms of the peace treaty.

There two main lessons to be learned from the Yugoslav secession wars. The first is that once the shooting starts between the extremist factions there is no staying neutral. You will have to pick a side then, otherwise neither side will have any use for you or offer you any protection or sustenance whatsoever.

The second is that representative democracy doesn’t work for every nation and people. As Selco mentioned when democracy came to Yugoslavia it actually caused strife since the different nationalities simply could not come to an agreement on so many issues and democracy created even more issues on which to disagree. The Yugoslavs had no history or tradition of self-governance (like for example the Swiss); they had always been ruled over by others. Many people grew weary of the constant squabbling and political ‘grid lock’ and began to long for the days when a dictator imposed a solution on everyone. The dictator would tell the people ‘do this’ (or ‘tito’ in the local language) and the people would do it, or else. Indeed, for democracy to work there must be more agreement than disagreement between the major political factions. The disagreements between them needs to be mostly on the margins so compromises can be made that both sides can live with and the country can move on into the future. If there is disagreement on fundamental issues, like whether the country should have a socialist, centrally planned economy or a capitalist free-market economy, well then the country is headed for dissolution, a breakup, or civil war, or both. In America we have reached the point (again) where there is little to no agreement between the major political factions on fundamental principles that govern the Republic. Furthermore 21st Century America is now more than ever filled with different ethnic identity groups motivated by grievance and each with their own agenda. Just like the former Yugoslavia in 1991.

"The Serbs are the ones who never go to Orthodox services. The Croatians are the ones who never go to Mass. And the Muslims are the ones who, five times a day, DON'T face Mecca and pray."

-P.J. O’Rourke

One of the comical things about the Bosnia peacekeeping mission was that many Americans serving as military peacekeepers in Bosnia were astonished to find the they couldn’t see much difference in appearance between the different warring factions. Like the saying goes, war is God’s way of teaching Americans geography and history. Many had expected to see people who were very different in skin color and dress from other Europeans based on the fact that some of them were Muslims. Come to find that the Serbs, Croats and Bosnian Muslims all looked like boring, ordinary white people. Like the former Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich (of Serbian descent and currently serving time in federal prison on corruption and influence peddling charges) and current Ohio Governor John Richard Kasich Jr. (of Czech and Croatian descent). They all spoke the same language too, Serbo-Croatian, although the Croats used the Roman alphabet and the Serbs used the Cyrillic alphabet.The Bosnian Muslims, or Bosniacs, were merely the descendants of Serbs and Croats who converted to Islam under Turkish rule some 400 years previous. For centuries the Bosniacs were regarded as race traitors by the Orthodox Christian Serbs and Roman Catholic Croats and while the Turks ruled the Muslim Bosnians were top dogs and lorded it over their Christian neighbors. By the late 20th Century, as P.J. O’Rourke joked, all the warring factions had become pretty secular and non-religious, as most of the people in Europe are today. Of course once the internecine fighting started they rediscovered their religions as part of their cultural heritage. They also rediscovered their old historical grievances, about a thousand years worth, and these added fuel to the fire lit by all the modern grievances.

The reason Yugoslavia broke up is because the Yugoslav Federation, post Tito, was being run by the Serbian majority largely for the benefit of Serbs. The other nationalities grew profoundly weary of the uneven treatment and decided that once the Cold War ended in 1991 it was time for the individual republics to go their own way and declare their independence. In republics like Slovenia (our First Lady’s place of birth), which had few ethnic Serbs living within its borders, the secession went off with little bloodshed. However in republics with a large Serb population, like Croatia and Bosnia, a bloody civil war broke out over control of the land as none of the factions residing therein relished the prospect of becoming a persecuted minority in their own home country. The dictator Tito had held Yugoslavia together with an iron hand following WWII. Most experts were of the opinion that once Tito died Yugoslavia would soon break apart as the different nationalities wouldn’t be able to get along. And that’s exactly what happened.

As in Yugoslavia, once the U.S.A. breaks up, those parts so of the country that are multiethnic will no doubt experience bloody fighting as the different ethnic identity groups fight for political control and control of scarce resources. Just like in Bosnia. Will someone outside the country step in and put a stop to the fighting or will the world just let it go until it burns itself out, like in Bosnia and Croatia? Other parts of America that have a white majority stand a good chance of staying peaceful and being left alone. Especially if they get control of the nukes.

How the SHTF in Bosnia: Selco Asks Americans, “Does this sound familiar?”

Apocalypse Update.

Holger Stahlknecht eh? Stahlknecht: 'steel servant’.

Man, don’t you just love German surnames? It sounds like the name of a heavy metal rock band or a Pentagon code name for a military operation. “Gentlemen, Operation Steel Servant, the liberation of Europe, commenced today at 0430 hours Zulu.”

Unfortunately Herr Landes Innenminister Stahlknecht has copped the usual socialist elitist attitude toward the idea of private civilians using guns in self-defense: ‘you’ll put out your eye’, ‘the thugs will just take the gun away from you and use it on you’ and so on with the usual canards ad nauseum.

Actually the statistics in the USA demonstrate that cops and criminals are more likely to get disarmed than armed civilians. When a civilian pulls a gun on a perpetrator, the confrontation more often than not goes down like this: Civilian: ‘Stay back! I’ve got a gun!’. The perp then usually flees the scene rather than test said civilian's resolve and goes off in search of easier prey. Police and criminals on the other hand must approach their adversary and lay hands on him or her in order to complete their business. In the case of the police officer it is to apprehend the perpetrator and physically take him into custody; while in the case of the criminal it is to rob or molest his intended victim. Such close contact naturally provides greater opportunity for a disarming attempt. Back in the 1970’s some 27% of American police officers killed in the line of duty were shot with their own weapons. Security holsters and improved weapons retention training lowered this number considerably over the years. For example, according to the FBI, from 1994 through 2003, 52 police officers were killed with their own weapon, amounting to 8 percent of the total killed in the line of duty.

Up In Arms: German Small Arms Ownership Soars 85% In Under 2 Years

Let the World Fend for Itself

Big Ron's Baltimore: A Working Man's View of Urban Blight

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