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We Need More Voodoo Pimp Migrants
By Eirik Bloodaxe

I could not have slung together the elements of horror any better, unless there was cannibalism and impalements, which, no doubt will be coming soon:

“Police in Britain and Spain have made 12 arrests in an intercontinental prostitution ring where a criminal gang allegedly used “voodoo rituals” to force African women and girls into sex work.

Investigators believe the gang used voodoo rituals against women and girls to coerce them into sex slavery and to “break their will”, the Mirror reports.

As part of the rituals, the women were forced to eat raw chicken hearts and some had their fingernails and pubic hair pulled out, detectives said.

Police say the women were captured in impoverished parts of Nigeria and the voodoo rituals were used to control them, the women fearing that if they did not comply they or their families would be killed.

Some women are believed to have been ‘recruited’ for jobs, to be illegally smuggled into Europe using fake travel documents, but upon arrival in Italy, were sent to Spain and forced into prostitution to pay off their ‘debt’ to the traffickers.

Girls as young as 13 who were told they would be looking after children or working in hairdressers in Europe were forced into sex slavery.”

Vibrancy, diversity, enjoyment for all. This is what immigration is about, and why we need a googolplex of Nigerian voodoo pimps on every street. Great for the Economy, even better for the chicken entrails market.

Turd America

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