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My Apologies
I'm Now Living with the Sissy Rich

You may know that I have had to move to a cheaper rental, which means moving into the path of the hoodrat invasion in upscale Towson, MD.

The alternative was to be homeless or live under a woman's roof—which shall never again occur.

There are some drawbacks:

There is little peace of mind living inside a giant computer. Hence the writing has suffered.

I no longer have a landline desk top internet connection. So, ironically, even though I live inside of a cmputerized house where everything is click controlled and publish from the back end of a site where everthing is click controlled, my ability to publish online has crumbled. Where it once took me 5-20 minutes to post an article [after it has ben completely written] it now takes between 45-75 minutes to upload a single article via the world's cheapest laptop computer uplinking to the house wify.

My choices of homelessness and living like this were equally unappealing. The only reason I took this route was to complete the numerous history books I am working on, which require my hardcopy book collection. I can do this offline on the old desk top.

Hence, I will only publish 1 or 2 of my pieces per day and either 0 or 1 guest pieces.

I will send more content to Lynn to post on her blogspot.

Sorry for this cutback, but since I can no longer use this site to build books, and building books is my final connection to this domestication process, I will be online much less.

Thanks for your support.



[My son showed up to save the Patreon account from my techtardness. So the next installment of Sold went up. My plan is to post a chapter in that Plantation America novel and a book review on Patreon every month.]

PS: Yes, I have been unable to access my Patreon account through this machine so will not be charging patrons for February. Hopefully my son will get a day off this coming month and be able to help me upload some Patreon content.

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Ruben ChandlerFebruary 27, 2018 4:18 PM UTC

Ah................James, sorry to hear of these developments. My way out of everything was to pick up a cheap RV and get a Thousand Trails membership. I pay about a hundred and forty five a month for rent but have to have vehicle insurance and stuff......registration and the like. That said, you've hardly seen me in a while. Internet is one of the biggest hassles in a world where it is about 7.5 bucks per gigabyte. I'm working on satellite now......getting it that is. There are no hoodrats up here in the mountains but there are qualifying rednecks. Best of luck to you. You can always shoot me a post card to P.O. Box 1048, Oregon House, CA. 95962 and I will write to you. Take care. It will all come together for us all.
responds:February 28, 2018 12:53 AM UTC

Thanks for the kind words.

Hopefully I'll see you out west this year, Ruben.