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I Wonder
About School Shootings and Armed Teachers

More folks have informed me that the Florida School Shooting is still in the news, with calls for the sheriff to step down over the cowardice of his men.

But what is a police officer if not a coward?

Many combat infantrymen would be excused by their superiors for not advancing with a hand gun against a long rifle.

As police around the nation become more and more militarized, attendant with a legion of complaints, these same pining slaves now beg for Sly Stallone style policing.

Police are supposed to be anti-heroic, to use overwhelming numbers and slave master sanction to kill and abduct slaves touched with the heroic spark.

The fact is, the true test of a slave, to understand if a man is willing to kneel and suck cock rather than fight, is to inquire as to his willingness to fight or go armed. Most human males have never been willing—once encircled by their civilizing cocoon—to do either.

Note the whimper storm of protest over Trump suggesting that school teachers should be armed to harden schools as targets.

No one has objected more than school teachers, horrified that they might be asked to quit their fetid brainwashing duties for real mortal risk.

However, thinking upon the problem, one must come to the conclusion that schoolteachers cannot go armed.

Why not arm school teachers?

Because in many schools across the nation, in most schools with significant African American student bodies, teachers are routinely beaten up by students. Once Mister Teddy Bear or Ms. Strapon are beaten up by Tyrone and Jamal, do you really want that gun floating around the halls?

Which brings us to another question:

Why have urban schools not been targeted by these crazy, mostly white, gunmen?

Perhaps because the parents of those students either do not vote, or are already committed to voting democrat and for gun control.

Is it an accident that since this president was elected by a largely Caucasian electorate, in an election that was literally won in Florida, where the tables turned as James Carvel’s face went blank, that no fewer than two mass shootings, including possibly the bloodiest this time last year, have occurred in Florida?

The Secret Service conducts annual interviews with—last time I checked—the 400 persons most likely to try and kill the president. I do not know how they build their dossiers. But one must expect that psychiatric reports on troubled young men are utilized, especially of young men under state care, such as fatherless orphans. With at least one Secret Service agent claiming publically that she would not take a bullet for the president and with FBI agents and ranking officials known to have plotted against the sitting president, does it not make sense that his feet are being held to the fire via an ongoing, every-mounting slaughter of people under his ultimate protection?

Who wants to reelect the president that has stood by while more of those he has sworn to protect have been gunned down in churches, schools and public spaces than under any other American head-of-state?

The Checkered Demon sent in the following comment and link:

The truth, when it's finally winkled out is always sad. It's always the cities and Counties doing some hustle for the government money. For those who wonder why the Orphan Terminator was never arrested, well, over a certain number no one was arrested. They were getting grants and such from the Fed for keeping crime numbers low. Sheriff Israel is actually going mad in public, trying to ward off the storm.

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BobMarch 8, 2018 2:40 AM UTC

Well, there are other historical numbers that are NEVER subject to audit or revision. Trust, or be destroyed! (Let it not be said that choice doesn't exist).
BobMarch 4, 2018 9:54 PM UTC

The Orlando disco shooting has all the hallmarks of a hoax. Perhaps it's Florida's particular demographics.
responds:March 5, 2018 9:50 AM UTC

I just noticed in a report that 300 million was raised for the families of the Vegas victims, that the death toll did not budge from day 1.

How likely is that?

It seems that by hitting musical events, schools and churches, that the managers of this string of affairs are targeting every demographic except for the criminal class.