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Don't wonder. Obama /Holder promise program to keep kids from getting a record from crimes committed as teens. No record, no problem with a background check.

This will be exposed slowly but surely.



Cutie brought this to my attention and thought that you might enjoy this.

Read before the comments get taken down. Dig some the "colorful" names. "Trashell?!"...


Societal is an extraordinarily virulent strain. It enters through the eyes and ears.

A nice piece on cowardice and the treatment of same.

We'll probably be all saved by science


Sheep are despicable creatures.


Run and Hide With Mommy

This woman, who appears tense and neurotic in what she believes is a flattering photo, says she “will protect your kids, or at least I will try with every fiber of my being.” However, I will bet any amount of money that she would never dream of carrying a sidearm and becoming proficient in its use.

She will, however, cower with kids in a storage closet or “run for our lives together”.

She “will be there when the police aren’t”…unarmed and untrained, of course.


Shitty Situation

Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

Take care.

Big Ron

Is This A Thang in Bodymore?

Based on the videos I watched of the Baltimore riots, 25% of BPD police seemed allergic to contact situations. I have had two BPD cops tell me that they have been teamed up with officers [both white females] who balked at contact and froze. This might be a good time to note that black men on the BPD, while responsible for disproportionate levels of crime and brutality, have never been known to balk. That should lose me three more facebook likes. -JL


Here's all the information needed about the silicone valley & fedgov traitors w/a model for their defeat by the creators of social media.

The Timeline of Evil

info described in the video above

Simplified solutions to sedition & high treason.


The Logic of Steel Paperback


The Logic of Force


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BobFebruary 28, 2018 11:28 PM UTC

"Run and Hide with Mommy" is predicated on the veracity of a narrative sexed-up by actor-activists like David Hogg and his media/government enablers. With no clear images of carnage from the scene or hospitals, and with drills conducted concurrently, I'm not prepared to believe what we're told about Parkland and its extraordinarily high victim ground.

The lesson of 1938's "War of the Worlds" prank by Orson Welles wouldn't have passed unnoticed by political scientists and demagogues alike. Martians might be a bit much for today's audiences, but they'll likely believe aluminum planes can bring down vast structures and vaporize highly refractory building materials. Inshallah (goes without saying)!
BobFebruary 28, 2018 10:59 PM UTC

Further to Ishmael's provocative and interesting post, this article caused me much soul-searching:

The self-preservation at all cost, trust no one, mentality begets despotism. And the vast number of communist adherents and obedient common citizens who ended dead or in slave-camps in the USSR suggests that sacrificing liberty for security is a reliably bad choice.

Thanks again for making me check my premises.
responds:March 1, 2018 6:09 AM UTC

Very nicely put, Bob.

Thanks for the links for this article.
BobFebruary 28, 2018 10:43 PM UTC

I read with interest the "sheep" article posted by Ismael, thanks. The author writes with perfectly good sense, but lacking was a sense of the tense interplay between personal and group interests. The more an individual privileges personal safety, the more exposed, paradoxically, he becomes to "category" risk, being identified by others as part of a given maligned group. Assuming, of course, that the hostile ruling entity has high group consciousness (and it does, just ask the ADL).

Any massive political change eats up its goodly share of martyrs. They form an indispensable part thereof; their sacrifice can't be lightly dismissed as irrelevant. One might be tempted to conclude that the dissident Serbian journalist's murder was for nought, given the apathy of the general public. This is wrong. It's never the sheep that effect change and one can be certain that some goats will be strongly conditioned by State "disappearances". Evils often do have material, though not quantifiable consequences for their doers and their aspirations.