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The Overall Grey
The Checkered Demon on Our Orphan-Making Age

Have things been changing lately?

Do you notice more stories about white boys on these drugs that enable them to make toast and not explode at the world?

The Mom can't get River to put down the games and come out of the basement for supper?

Where's Dad?

Did he split on his kid, turning the page and spending his ink on odd ramblings from the coast?

If it's not one drug, it's another.

Say what snarky, judgmental thing you might about black people, they don't put their Sons on psychotropic drugs. They may ignore or brutalize them, or send them out, Fagan-like to steal rent or food money, but give them government mystery drugs? Hell, a lot of them think the CIA created the crack epidemic to wipe them out. (Actually, it was Planned Parenthood, the one stop body chop-shop.)

Why would they take advice from the devil?

Why should they listen to someone who thinks mental illness can be talked or drugged away?

These school shootings don't happen in Compton, which gets pallets of real assaulting weapons, straight out of Guatemala. And by the way, Hispanics don't drug their Sons either. Obviously, white folks be crazy.

I came up too early for the Ritalin thing, thank Set. For me, enlightenment came when a coach the size of a young Deer flung my back-talking ass into a row of wall lockers and then offered to throw me down a stairwell if I still didn't get it. " And if your sorry so-called parents want to talk about it, bring 'em straight to me and I'll tell them what a bitch you are." I knew all my Dad would do was thank him and shake his hand.

This taught me all I ever needed to know about biting my tongue and behaving. An apex male predator, whom I disliked but respected had made it clear. Don't start shit! And I didn't, mostly.

All officially concerned are agog that a Russian orphan, adopted for some obscure reason by a needy pair in Florida and thrown into the public school system, slipped his chemical leash and ran amok.

I wonder if the adopters did any research.

It is a rare Russian orphan that isn't showing some fetal alcohol syndrome damage or congenital surprises. Romanian orphans are worse, being fed, hosed off and swaddled, then set on a shelf in effect until the next cycle. A human touch is rare, and that does wonders for that sociopath thing. If they just had to do that kind, nurturing thing, there are scads of healthy, quick black children going begging. You see, they're woke, and they want a white baby to cuddle. Healthy white tykes vanish like the truth on the orphan market. They can't shut down that lizard brain that keeps them from adopting a pet. They'd be no better than a cat lady with that healthy pseudo-get. That lesser black child that they just can't honestly cuddle. Piggies and frauds. And when the new thing malfunctions, there's a pill for that. They should have only been a cat lady. Less damage in the long run.

There's some speculation as to who the next average American will be. Common sense would suggest a hybrid, should we survive. The races are scattered to the winds and some tactical, each with their ways, and some find they've been tamed down and depleted. They'll kick back, but finally wind up in bits of other places they were once seldom seen. Generations will ensue. Enclaves of misfits. Individuals for a while, and then falling to the overall grey of the same. Or something entirely different. The best thing is, no one knows...CD

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Sam J.March 2, 2018 6:39 PM UTC

We need to become Saurons.

James if you haven;t read any of these...then you are missing some of the best sci-fi ever. It stuff that is right down your way of thinking.

Some are still available but most are out of print. There's a bunch of them at this link.

The only problem is if you try one you might not be able to stop.