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Bits and Tits at Crisis Time
By John Scrotum

Shit, fuck, shit, the screws are on, resource crises, computer limitations, have to make every shot count. Like these butch lads:

Wow, an indent in her body, like she was made of galvanized iron. But, maybe there were doing a bit of bioengineering and making more orifices for business?

This has got to be the worse news of all time, my favorite whisky just got the feminist treatment:

We can’t even drink ourselves to death without having pc bullshit tipped down our throats. Maybe what we need is:

“Indeed, the country itself has gone mad. There are so many bad ideas, and such moral rot, that only war can rid us of the many pathologies that obviate culture and democracy alike. Only war can bring us to a state of affairs in which people, having serious problems to face, will have a more reasonable perspective and stop griping about safe spaces, white supremacy, toxic masculinity, and all the tiresome rest. Only war will send our politicians the message that Americans will not abide their cynical manipulations and refusal to do what is best for us.”

Too fucking right, oh great intellectual writer.

After all, we are only this:

Finished just in time for my big afternoon shit, to eliminate billions of microbes.

Turd America

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BobMarch 5, 2018 10:59 PM UTC

Anyone seeking a well-reasoned critique of democracy could do worse than Hoppe's classic:
BobMarch 4, 2018 12:42 AM UTC

Diageo PLC. seems to be drinking its own KoolAid. Female board and executive representation is very high and the Annual Report endorses the usual cultural marxist agendas. Perhaps in part to protect it from public opprobium from the social costs of alcohol abuse.

At some point, Western traditionalists will have to take a leaf(!) from the Greens, buy shares, attend the AGM and make directors squirm. Who's got more to lose from such a stunt, the activist small shareholder, or CEO Menezes with nearly one million shares? (£2380 per share).

Failing that, complain formally to the company's Customer Relations.

White men need to get angry and organized as do minorities. And campaigns need to be intense and focused. Punish one, educate one thousand!