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Son of a Lesser God
Crackpot Podcast Ep 26

James and Lynn speak with Bob, otherwise known as Ishmael, about living in the West, his father and more.

The Crackpot Podcast features the masculinist James LaFond and motherslave Lynn Lockhart.


0:00:50 Introducing Ishmael, Son of a Lesser God (Kindle, paperback)

0:01:55 The buffalo hunt

0:08:50 What makes an animal tastier

0:13:30 Shooting vs. fishing

0:15:00 The importance of proximity

0:16:35 Beartooth Loop

0:21:07 How is the winter so far?

0:23:30 Hayden Fork

0:24:45 Forest fires

0:27:00 Kokanee salmon & other fish

0:30:35 Ishmael was a late in life child

0:35:05 The skills needed for life in the mountains, starting early

0:36:55 Grandchildren

0:37:40 Mushrooms

0:39:00 How did Ishmael find James' website?

0:47:20 Raccoons and other wildlife

0:51:30 Books for young readers

0:54:23 Imagining Head Smashed In

1:00:03 Thrill killing by wild predators

1:03:15 Fowl

1:05:03 Bear

1:06:20 Alcohol

1:11:05 Vegetarianism

1:16:08 Aging the catch

1:18:20 Generation gaps

1:20:34 Travel plans

1:23:00 Mushrooms again and other foraging

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