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The Wild, Wild South
By Tony Cox


I hope you find this story as interesting as I did. We could learn a thing or two about masculinity from our neighbors to the south.

Mario came to America from Guatemala in the early 1990’s. Just barely five feet tall, he’s in his early fifties but looks more like a man in his thirties. Hard working and religious, he never uses foul language or talks about women.

“The people who’re from where it gets hot, they don’t back down from nothing. In Guatemala City though, the gangs are in charge, and they get protection money from every single business. Those guys even ask for a bonus at Christmas time. They use children for their dirty work, too. Say you’re a truck driver delivering Pepsi, or something? A kid will walk up and hand you a mobile phone. The guy on the phone tells you to call your boss, then he tells the boss that if he don’t pay 100$, they gonna kill you. Whole lotta people get killed too.”

“Where my family is though, in the part of the country where the weather gets hot, there’s signs all over town saying ‘Gang Members Will Be Shot On Sight’. After they shoot one, they put a piece of paper on the body with that same message. Those gangs are bad news.”

“My dad raised cows and was a butcher. He just had a few cows and a little shop where he sold meat. Always worked hard. He had a really good ox and a donkey, really good animals. Cattle rustlers stole them one day. My dad asked me if I was gonna help get them back, and of course I said yes. Me and my dad were always tight. He took the .38 special and I took the .22 magnum, and we went out.”

“Up in the mountains there, was the cattle rustlers, they were bad dudes, they stole cattle, and killed people. I mean, real bad dudes. I don’t know how, but my dad tracked these guys who stole our animals over a hundred and fifty miles up into those mountains. On the way he stopped at an army base and said ‘I need five soldiers for a couple days’ and, now we had these guys in uniform with M16’s, following orders from my dad. I still don’t understand how he got them, but I was just a kid, like 16 years old.”

“We found the thieves just as they were loading our animals onto a truck. My dad yelled at these guys that he was gonna kill ‘em if they don’t give back the animals, I was pointing the .22 at ‘em, and the army guys with their big guns were just standing there. Those guys were like horses or something, all they knew how to do was follow orders. We got our animals back and didn’t have to shoot any of the cattle rustlers. It was a good day.”

Tony, I love this stuff. I'm thrilled that you're getting into recording oral history. It's the root of storytelling and history writing.

Son of a Lesser God



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PRMarch 11, 2018 9:24 PM UTC


It's beginning:
Tony CoxMarch 10, 2018 11:40 AM UTC

Bob, your last comment scares me. “....starting with the least compliant”.

Sam, I agree 100%. I was talking to a Mexican today that joked about kidnapping being an acceptable way to supplement one’s income south of the border. And it’s not all genetics either, you’re right there.

I have a theory that once the so-called right wing eliminates stable pensions for government employees, we’ll start to see the kind of corruption up here that they have down there. That pension is all that’s keeping a lot of our cops and civil servants even half-way honest.

I never gave much stock to the Alex Jones types who think a police state and martial law and fema camp body bags are just around the corner. I think it’s much more plausible that we’ll end up like South America, with gated communities next to shanty towns, widespread corruption and general lawlessness, happening gradually over time.
Sam J.March 10, 2018 8:15 AM UTC

"...Say you’re a truck driver delivering Pepsi, or something? A kid will walk up and hand you a mobile phone. The guy on the phone tells you to call your boss, then he tells the boss that if he don’t pay 100$, they gonna kill you..."

Get enough of them here and it will be the same here. I don't believe genetics is everything in controlling temperament but it wouldn't surprise me if it was over 50%.
BobMarch 9, 2018 10:08 PM UTC

At some point whites will either become cognizant of the forces arrayed against them and organize self-consciously as whites or else be vanquished individually, starting with the least compliant.
BobMarch 6, 2018 11:23 PM UTC

Agreed. Indeed I never blame the immigrant, who merely acts on incentives at his disposal. Undoubtedly the State is Western man's most fearsome enemy, still perversely enjoying his trust and support. This, because both academia and media work in tandem to obscure the forces that effectively control the State apparatus, and their agenda.

Western man does need to rediscover community. But to do so, it's helpful to understand the role urban planning played in the de-racination of whitey and his ethnic "ghettos":

On tribalism, we'll never out-do Jews, Pakistanis, Afghanis, Guatemalans, in fact, the whole world, except Europeans, because that's been bred out of us over 1,500 years. (This is the legacy of the Catholic Church and its proscription on consanguineous marriage and other endogamic practices).

Southern Europeans, with their extended families, are in much better shape than Northern Europeans in this respect. The Sicilians will see off the Swedes, because the former are able to co-opt the State or control it, the latter (to date), not so.
PRMarch 6, 2018 10:48 AM UTC


The problem at this point is not the immigrants since clearly Western governments want them here in place of us. The problem is with our failure to re-adopt a tribal structure. Also, we do not cooperate even as nuclear families or in churches and we expect the State to do everything for us. The immigrants may look primitive but like the Mongols are better organized and more able to solve their own problems. We need to stop trusting in the STate and accepting its legitimacy and expecting it to change when, as Martin Van Creveld has put it, it has turned all of its wars inward having failed to win any outwardly since 1945.

I will post more on this later. I have numerous thoughts about gun control, rural vs. urban people, and an example from Michoacan state in Mexico.
BobMarch 6, 2018 1:16 AM UTC

For armchair anthropologists who can abide subtitles, here's a great film on prison factions. Just as valid for the US, if you swap the Mohammedans for los pandilleros de la Mara Salvatrucha.
BobMarch 6, 2018 12:03 AM UTC

Yeah, I've spend time in that country. That's the rude but expedient sort of justice that best suits the people's temperament and the tribal social structure.

It's also why, in general, Central Americans make for problematic immigrants in Western nations. Not that they're bad as individuals, but that the large, family or tribe is incompatible with the NW European social model, built on exogamy and the nuclear family, with society, State and Church as a surrogate extended family. (All the more problematic now, that the State and institutions act at the behest of a Europhobic élite).