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On the Down Yo
Only 16 Murders in 30 Days?

Are the Harm City Hoodrats simply resting on their laurels?

On today’s Baltimore Sun cover story seven high school students, aged 16-18, are asked about their fear of school shootings. They responded that they live in fear all the time and that school isn’t especially dangerous, in fact, is their only safe space! These kids are letting your know that their so-called community has imported the violence that plagues their everyday life into schools at such a rate that schools in this town are not considered soft targets for cowardly nerd spree killers.

As they said it, their ghetto high school is the safest place in their life.

Walking to and fro one hears gunshots.

Laying in your bed, one hears gun shots.

Going out to get the mail, rounds might be popping around the corner.

But when you go to school, you know no one is going to be drawing a gun in the hallway, because the only way into the penitentiary style schools are through the metal detector.

These kids agreed that they were “prisoners in their own city.”

Is that not a precondition for effective anarcho-tyranny, to have people a year away from entering the voting booth, terrified to take a step out of doors, comfortable only in prison style institutions?

I am predicting that Baltimore will not see last year’s murder rate again, as murder is being exported to surrounding counties and the atmosphere of oppressive terror established by 1002 killings over three years, the effective defeat of the 8th largest police department in the nation on all fronts—legal, media, operational latitude and terror projection—has placed the BPD on a comprehensive, cannibalistic defense footing. The former enemy of the criminal class in Baltimore is now dedicated to three primary objectives:

1. Prevent the death of criminals

2. Punish police for harming criminals

3. Suppress crime numbers in those growth areas where the criminal class [20,000 strong]* increasingly makes its living:





-home invasion


-intimidation [street taxation]


*Of 600,000 residents this author estimates that 400,000 consume stolen and seized goods and money and that every 20 of these consumers are served by roughly 1 aggressive actor. This is a crude measure, but my experience is that 100% of blacks, 70% of whites and 50% of Latinos & Asians eagerly buy stolen merchandise. Note that police effectives on the street are a nominal 1-2,000, depending on conditions.

16 killed in the last 30 days

43 killed in the first 63 days of the year.

A Once Great Medieval City: 2016: Impressions of Baltimore Maryland

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LynnMarch 5, 2018 4:18 PM UTC

If Asian and Latino figures for stolen goods seem that low, I would suggest it's because they are shopping within their own networks, whereas whites and blacks are more likely to comingle in their antisocial acts.
responds:March 6, 2018 10:01 AM UTC

This is also my suspicion. I suspect that most human groups are inclined to support crime at a 75% rate and commit it at a 25% rate.