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Mamma Wants a Whipping Post
The Harm City Matriarchy Wants a Vigorous Poleese Overseer

The mission for the new Baltimore City Police Commissioner is primarily to reign in the corrupt BPD. Towards this end, Mayor Pugh is asking the State Assembly in Annapolis to give special powers over police officers that are barred by the current collective bargaining agreements between the State Legislature and the Law Enforcement Unions.

The most controversial proposal is that the ruling of police oversight courts may be ignored and overturned by the Commissioner, permitting the top cop to set aside not-guilty verdicts to get a handle on problem cops.

The most reasonable proposal is to include civilians on the police trial boards, which currently each consist of three police officers, which is kind of like having gang members accused of a crime judged by a jury of their homeboys, from their specific set.

There are obviously much needed steps that should be taken to address police corruption in Baltimore, especially since the police academy just graduated 17 of a class of 50 who failed their lethal force and citizen rights portion of the test 3 times, and finally passed a test given when the lawyer that gives that portion of the test was off for the day! So, since we have a corrupt police academy there is a problem. But, with a demoralized, under strength force losing its most experienced officers it seems that pushing hard from this angle will result in even less active policing and an inability to fill the ranks.

The Lady Mayor wants her man cracking a stiff whip. But considering the situation her department is in, I suspect that we are looking forward to a time when Baltimore police will increasingly be replaced, or at least supervised, by federal law officers.

In the meantime the priority list for Harm City police looks like this:

1. Reduce criminal-on-criminal killings

2. Reduce police corruption and brutality

3. Continue the War on Drugs for federal subsidies

Nowhere on the radar is he combating or deterring violent street crime by criminals on civilians. In fact the documentation of this wide variety of human hunting is being suppressed by law enforcement and the media even as it increases 2 to 20 fold depending on the location.

A Once Great Medieval City: 2016: Impressions of Baltimore Maryland

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BayouCoyoteMarch 10, 2018 11:27 AM UTC

This double may be tied in w/the Harm city hit.

All the best,

ShepMarch 5, 2018 4:34 PM UTC

I would use the word "unbelieveable", except that I believe you implicitly. I'm willing to bet that the Special Seventeen all "look like Baltimore" and the process was jiggered to slide them through. It reminds me of that article about declining standards in SF when a candidate who couldn't do the rope climb miraculously ascended to the top on a day when the regular training staff was off duty...
responds:March 6, 2018 3:04 PM UTC

The lawyer in charge of legal instruction for this group actually came to the Sun Paper and gave an interview on this. He was aghast at this blatant act and it is now public knowledge in Baltimore, and one must say that public and knowledge are not words one can often positively relate about Baltimore in the same sentence.