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The Bucket
What I Need to Work the Corner For Your Fight

This is for Aryas and Dennis who each have an upcoming fight. Seconding for a stick fight is simple. But when cornering for a boxing, kickboxing or MMA fight there are many more rules, being that many more considerations. If I’m cornering for you I need you to supply the bucket.

What needs to be in the bucket before you start spitting bloody saliva into it?

-A bottle of water

-A white hand towel

-A small jar of petroleum jelly, unscented!

-2 instant ice packs [End swell coagulant is for pro bouts and tournaments. If you are cut too bad for petroleum jelly to manage, the fight is getting stopped. We will only need two shots of ice pressure if you are swelling after the first round.]

-a roll of athletic tape

-the stipulated length of gauze

-the commission rules, including how many inches of gauze and tape that can be used to tape your hands

Note: I have not cornered for a sanctioned fight since 2004! The hand wrapping I have been doing since then is for stick-fighting, therefore, bring a spare pair of gauze rolls of the stipulated length, so that I can practice taping your hands.

Caution: Do no intense training, no sparring for the 6 days leading to the fight. Do a lot of shadow work, preferably at the time of day you will be fighting.

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