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Grocer Joe?
The Uber Driver Becomes a Ghetto Grocer

Uber Joe hung up his keys, took apron and cap in hand, donned safety shoes, pinned on his name badge and became Grocer Joe—IN THE GHETTOOOAH! Unfortunately, the asphalt is no less black on the other side of the street.

I should have listened to that tone of warning in your voice, Jimmy and asked you for a darned handbook—more like a bad comic book.

They interviewed thirty of us. One guy had nine kids by nine different white women and couldn’t stay awake during orientation. One guy is facebooking during the food safety class!

Three of us get hired.

Two guys wash out the first week and I get promoted to shift lead, working in the deli.

The deli manager IS, A, BITCH!

After 36 years in 34 supermarkets I have known no other kind of deli manager.

This woman works for a half hour and then sits all day. She once slapped an employee and they demoted her and eventually brought her back up to manager.

My first week on the job I walk into the cooler to get something and one of the male employees—an American—has got the little Asian girl, whose husband works in the store—in the cooler, door closed, lights out, pressed face first against the dunnage rack, holding bother little wrists in one hand while he’s molesting her and about ready to rape her. When they turned and saw me his grip loosened and she ran out of their like she was running for her life!

I had no idea people were so perverted to do that on the job!

I put in for the day off for a doctor’s appointment three weeks in advance. I had to get needles in my eye and wouldn’t be able to drive for the rest of the day.

She schedules me anyhow.

Perfectly normal in retail food.

I call out to the head of HR.

Never call in to HR. Call the shift lead, then call the manager, then call the department manager on duty, then call the store manager. Only call HR if it is a requirement, because office personnel in retail food are allergic to all clerical duties. They sucked a fat guy’s dick to get this cushy job and it’s time to cash in.

I go in yesterday and the manager tells me I’m fired for a no call, no show?

Can you believe that?

That is so humiliating. I have never been fired for any job in all of my life.

What kind of person does that, Jimmy?

“A deli manger, dude. I’m headed to Box Hill South if you don’t mind.”

An angry young man, turns the ignition—in the ghetto!

When Your Job Sucks

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PRMarch 6, 2018 11:29 AM UTC

The world of work at the bottom of the labor pool is a nightmare. Were I in his shoes, I'd either learn a technical trade like welding or machining or take to subsistence farming in a rural area. No one's time is worth trying to feed hoodrats paying in food-stamps nor providing private transport to a city that won't even bother to ensure the safety of those riding on public transportation.

Never talk to HR for any reason. This is true in any job. HR is there for themselves, not for the employees.