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The Metaphysics of Fucking Fish,,, the Kali-Yuga By American Psycho

How low can Hollywood go? The Oscar for best picture goes to “The Shape of Water,” a movie, which on the surface is about a woman fucking a fish-creature, but really is just about migrants bringing the joys of demographic swamping and genetic eliminationism:

The war is on, and always has been. The seeds of decay have been present from the beginning of Western civilization, and no amount of duct tape solutions can save it now.

My hope is that things will go the way suggested here by Brett Stevens:

He is an ice man, but I have not ruled out the possibility that climate change, peak oil, exploding volcanoes etc. could be real existential threats. Our luck has to run out at some point. The sooner the better. Let’s get fuck over with it.

The only real hope is that some ecological/cosmic/theological apocalypse smashes this system and all of the tapeworms who feed off it, ringing in a Darwinian free for all.

Who cares if one dies, so long as our enemy dies first. If this foul and disgusting shithole of a planet ends, so be it. Let the insects have their chance to rule.

Turd America

Trumpapocalypse Now: The Advent of an American Usurper at the fall of Western Civilization

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BobMarch 7, 2018 9:46 PM UTC

Frankly, a Brett Stevens, who, while ignoring the salience of race, writes a book called "Nihilism", is probably the worst person to heed. (Any author who denies the legitimacy of whites' ethnic interests while contributing to their desperation and passivity is, however, a smart careerist. He will be richly rewarded by the entrenched media interests).
BobMarch 7, 2018 9:16 PM UTC

The great thing about history is that we get to write it through our actions. In our inactivity, others write it up for us. The 20th century shows how well that worked out for the white man.

Pace Mr. Stevens, there won't be any environmental deus ex machina for our existential ethnic struggle.