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Before heading off dindu fishing in the arctic, Jeremy Bentham left his world tour guide for the week.

Civil War Update.

Immigration and War


“What is the relationship between immigration and war? Philosopher and bestselling author Vox Day explains the history of mass migration and its consequences for America and the West.”

Government cannot, and WILL NOT, protect you

Glenn Reynolds points this out in USA Today:

Shithole Update.

Egypt in denial about de Nile.

“Sherine, one of the country's most famous singers - and a judge on the Arabic version of The Voice TV show - told a fan that drinking from the famous river might give them parasites. "Drink Evian instead," she joked. She has now been convicted by a Cairo court of spreading false news, but remains free pending an appeal.”

“Schistosomiasis affected about 252 million people worldwide in 2015.[6] An estimated 4,400 to 200,000 people die from it each year."

“Schistosomiasis is endemic in Egypt, exacerbated by the country's dam and irrigation projects along the Nile. From the late 1950s through the early 1980s, infected villagers were treated with repeated injections of tartar emetic. Epidemiological evidence suggests that this campaign unintentionally contributed to the spread of hepatitis C via unclean needles. Egypt has the world's highest hepatitis C infection rate, and the infection rates in various regions of the country closely track the timing and intensity of the anti-schistosomiasis campaign.[62] From ancient times to the early 20th century, schistosomiasis' symptom of blood in the urine was seen as a male version of menstruation in Egypt and was thus viewed as a rite of passage for boys."

“Among human parasitic diseases, schistosomiasis ranks second behind malaria in terms of socio-economic and public health importance in tropical and subtropical areas.”

Egyptian singer facing jail for Nile joke


Jihad/ Life in Greater Dindustsan Update.

Germany gets exposed to ‘gibsmedats’ culture.

“The charity that serves free meals to the poor had drawn widespread criticism after it declared last week it would from now on demand German identity papers for new clients because a huge migrant influx was displacing locals in need.”

“Sartor, 61, had claimed that many elderly Germans and single mothers were scared of an increasingly aggressive atmosphere as the number of foreigners using the charity had risen to three-quarters of the total.”

“Sartor stirred further controversy by saying that some migrant groups shared a "give-me gene" and did not understand Germany's "queueing culture".”

'Nazi' sprayed on food charity which refused to take new migrant clients

Jihad Update.

You never know what is going to set off Muslims, do you? Talk about being hyper sensitive and prone to infer insults where none are intended! What ISN”T an insult to Islam?

Next thing you know someone is going to spread rumor that the army’s paper musket cartridges are greased with pig fat, eh?

Muslims burn piles of Pampers nappies and call for a ban because cartoon cat's whiskers printed on them 'look like the Arabic spelling of Mohammed'

• Protesters in India are calling for a boycott of Pampers nappies

• They have taken offense with a cartoon cat appearing on the product

• Lines of its face resemble the word Prophet Mohammed in Arabic

• Groups have staged 'Pampers burnings', setting fire to nappies in the streets

• Owner Procter and Gamble said design was intended as 'innocent animated cat'

Read more:

World War Update.

Will Canada’s military become too mellow to fight?

Military wrestling with marijuana legalization: Gen. Jonathan Vance

Prison Break….And I've got such a long way to go …To make it to the border of 'Murica…

Escaped inmates with 'history of violence' may be headed to Saskatchewan

Anarcho-Tyranny Update.

A Target store in San Francisco is keeping tents behind locked cases — and the internet thinks it's because homeless people are stealing them

Mad World Update.

Juvenile charged in Yarmouth with assaulting father over texting

Anarcho-Tyranny Update.

“Thus speaketh the red judge: "Why did this criminal commit murder? He meant to rob." I tell you, however, that his soul wanted blood, not booty: he thirsted for the happiness of the knife!”

– Friedrich Nietzsche, “Thus Spake Zarathustra”.

Voices in his head commanded him to kill. Homicidal maniacs walk among us. The authorities will do nothing to protect us from them.

You’re on your own.

'Unprovoked attack': Man charged with fatally stabbing woman studying at library 20 times

The Killing of Tim McLean 2009

The Greyhound Bus Killer

Summer of Sam – Kill!

Bitchez be Crazy Update.

Two housemates conspired to commit a ‘bucket list’ murder. Now they’re in prison for life.

When Your Job Sucks

The Ghetto Grocer Kindle Edition

On Bitches

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