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The Beautiful Blue Planet
Napi Mephisto, pages 92-3, by Ron West

Napi explains to his audience at Bamberg University the Native American view in relation to science, and why space exploration is a resource devouring waste of time

The 'Beautiful Blue Planet' is an apt name for where we live and it is nothing short of tragic wonder more people don't appreciate our beauty of existence in an undisturbed sense- particularly the western science which avoids honest math going to the equation of damage inflicted through exploitation of nature necessary for Space Exploration. This brings to mind Einstein's stating the intelligence which creates a problem is inadequate to solve that problem- i.e. asking the science which is destroying the planet to get us out of this mess (as if we can create a 'space ark' to move on) is nothing short of planetary suicide based on current economic model of 'sustained development'

Sustained development is precisely the principle of cancer and a macro-cosmic cancerous mentality of the collective western world is devouring us, lock, stock and ecosystem on the pyramid scheme necessary to place satellites in orbit, including the Hubble. In shamanic ethics, which are a quantum based reality, there is no escape from responsibility and insofar as any good coming of the destruction required to 'advance' knowledge in western culture, it is not going to happen except in a possible sense of learning what does NOT work and that learning will be trauma based, and simply reflects the entirety of collective responsibility

Prior to 10,000 years ago, most of the planet lived in a high state of awareness by comparison to our present time. In the past, prior to projecting reality or the externalizing ideation which came with the birth of ego, there were traditions of interstellar experience via a concept of 'awake dreaming' or what only now is being rediscovered in western culture as the concept of lucid dreaming

Time travel was known and my position would be the whole idea of the Anunnaki is nothing more than the ancients looking forward to us and now, in a sense of where ideas come from in different areas of the brain

The Plains Ojibwa had a shamanic tradition which survived into my lifetime that could see through time and space using nothing more than the mind, upon which the history of their world was based

Insofar as projecting into other locales in space-time, the [ancient] Native understanding is our brain is a model of the universe, and we are always located in the present area of consciousness. Other areas of implied consciousness simply reflect alternative collective organization of consciousness in the brain at different times in history

Looking for 'it' out there is barking up the wrong tree, because it is when we get it 'here', we are going to be able to find ‘it’, 'there'

Going to that thought, transposed onto western ideation, I propose the archetypes in western mythology represent nothing more than battles of ideas, for instance the titans

overthrow marking past ‘new world order’ or change [drop] in consciousness so to speak

Like the medicine man Jesus had said, the 'kingdom of heaven is within you' and 'in my father's house there are many mansions.' Everything you imagine to be out there, is already here. Evidence of Nibiru indicates upcoming shift in the locale of consciousness, which points to a fundamental change of reality and, no one can know what to expect

Our brain has a sort of inter-stellar GPS built in and it is where the majority are locked in [or out] of consciousness, is where we find ourselves. Again and again in the [Oral] history of Native civilization, the Navaho tradition is very clear in this, we have changed locales, and lived on different planets. None of it required spaceships

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