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Pratice Day
Remembering World Womens Day with Teutonic Fist
March 8th is "World Womens Day". Its one of these socialist pseudo-holidays that have no meaning in the daily lives of a civilization like a solstice or a harvest or anything like that. Its there for beta orbiters and bitches to bow before neurotic pussy magic and its effect on entire populations to cuck their collective behavior in regards to cuntry matters.
Besides thats, this yearly mockery gives way to a custom that is already establishing themselfs among the young and angry natives before it gets introduced by the young and angry new arrivals to the cuntry anyway. I talk about the practice of female circumcision of course.
Best you pratice with a ham sandwhich and a razor blade. Even considering the possibilities that a luxury article like a razor blade might become ancient history when this rotten civilization finally goes up in flames. Wise Kweenz in Non-Wakanda Africa also use glass shards. Maybee one day they will share this innovative and vibrant cultural enrichment with us.
On Bitches
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LaManoMarch 9, 2018 9:27 AM UTC

"World Women's Day" was supposed to be March 7th, but they took too long in the bathroom getting ready and doing their hair ...