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Dyke Squad
And The Feminization of American police by Shep

James suggested that I put together a little sumpin'-sumpin' after the picture of the "non-traditional" Broward County police captain came to light. I have observed a certain trend over the last couple decades out here on the Left Coast, and I present it for what it's worth.

What I have to say might not be reflective of reality in other parts of the country. Different regions tend to have different police "cultures". For instance, PNW cops that I talk to are astounded by James' revelations of police corruption and malfeasance in Harm City. Their frame of reference for departmental corruption seems to max out at things like cronyism and nepotism in hiring and promotions. The police policies and procedures in Bodymore are evidently much different than they are in the land of Starbucks, Microsoft, and Amazon.

However, one thing that my region leads the league in is the elevation of females—most of them lesbos—into positions of power in police departments large and small. A google search of the police chiefs in Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, and Tucson, as well as small depts. such as Sammamish, WA—will show a parade of clipped-haired, fugly genetic mistakes, with about 50% of them being POCs, as well.

This is sort of a "chicken or the egg?" thing. Did the lessening of physical standards and the decreasing aggressiveness of modern police work encourage more females to apply for a job that is now little more than a uniformed social worker and a documentary scribe? Or were more and more females shoehorned via preferential hiring practices onto police departments that were then forced to lower standards and change practices to accommodate the new employees? I DO know that it is very hard for men who display any experience with violence to hire on with a Northwest PD. I can think of three military veterans I knew quite well from martial arts training who were turned down for police positions—one an Embassy Marine, one a USMC tank commander in Desert Storm, and one a Navy rescue swimmer. In my opinion, all three would have been ideal candidates, but evidently the combination of martial arts + military was one red flag too many.

This shift toward the FutureCops model from Demolition Man is clearly shown in this video from the WA State Academy. The bony little MILF in charge of this shitshow wants to concentrate on "de-escalation" skills—largely because she would be incapable of anything else:

All this kumbaya prepares these young idealists for a law enforcement environment that doesn't really enforce any laws, other than whatever politically-charged non-violent social work is currently in fashion. For instance, I understand that most PD's in WA have a "no pursuit" policy. In other words, they will NOT chase anyone in a vehicle unless that person is suspected of a major violent felony...and I'm talking about the level of walking out of a nursery school with a butcher knife in one hand and a baby in the other. Anything less than that, and it's Sayonara! The upshot of it is that cops don't even try to chase stolen cars, and if one tries to pull you over for a traffic violation, just flip 'em off and drive away...the worst that will happen is you may get a citation in the mail.

So, I kinda think that the feminization of police work is a result of, rather than a cause of women in the job. An internet commentator who goes by Uncle Elmer has formulated Elmer's Law, which goes something like this: Once a certain (small) number of women enter a workplace, the goal of the organization shifts from the efficient production of goods and services to the promulgation of regulations that make the females feel comfortable and valued. To police administrators, this is a feature, not a bug, because the shift away from any sort of violence means that complaints from the Dindu community will be minimized—and this is the political third rail in modern policing.

Of course, the facade of rock-em, sock-em police work has to be maintained, so that the taxpayers won't fully realize what a hollow "force" their uniformed civil servants have become. So the Admin continues a charade of paramilitary uniforms and ranks to go along with a lot of ruff-tuff public pronouncements. As another 'net poster put it: They gut an institution and wear the hide as a camouflage skinsuit, all the while demanding the respect that the formerly-living institution accumulated in the past. The only time this comes back to bite 'em is when there's some highly-visible large-scale tactical fuckup, like the recent mass murder in Broward County. No one should be surprised by this sort of (mis)conduct, because as C.S.Lewis said: "We make men without chests and expect from them virtue and enterprise." After all, Captain Jan

thought that this microcosm of day-to-day incompetence and wimpiness was an A-OK example of police procedures:

I have spoken.


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ShepMarch 12, 2018 6:19 PM UTC

Seattle's "Guardians" choose not to get involved. Half-a-dozen smelly vermin snarl downtown traffic for hours—including blocking an ambulance. Sez the Deputy Chief (a $150,ooo+ position):

"We have a rich history in Seattle o allowing a lot of protests. that's become our defacto policy".
ShepMarch 12, 2018 4:43 AM UTC

BobMarch 9, 2018 7:23 PM UTC

What I mean to say is, just like in las guerras sucias of the South and Central American republics, jobs with death squads will be open to men who like to play rough.
BobMarch 9, 2018 6:57 PM UTC

"Protect and Serve" still very much applies to the cadres of the regime and their allies. The deliberate promotion of minorities and females makes perfect sense in a unilateral, undeclared racial conflict, where white men are the enemy forces. Demoralizing them and ensuring those of fighting age don't organize racially is of vital importance for the maintenance of power. The military police model has already been normalized thanks to media's anodyne treatment of SWAT, and guess which country trains US police on wet work? There's going to be no shortage of old school brutality for the new NKVD thugs.