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A Case Study in Perceiving the Need for Limited Force

Hey James!

Trust all is well with you in your new digs!

Thought I'd pass this along for you and your readers; I have yet to see any advice on how to defend oneself against an assailant armed as this is!!!

And his disguise! Simply brilliant! Astonishing how anyone could have identified him!

Best always,


After the laughter abates…

Ken, you appear to have a descendent of proud first nation folk, who would be hard-pressed to slay a baby seal. This is quite a tragedy from my vantage. Why, what would Cole Younger and Jesse James think?

However, every video clip of aggression serves our purpose.

The would-be scalp-taker first pauses, not once, but twice, before opening the door. He seems to be taking a calming breath and is hesitant.

He then holds his “weapon” at a poor imitation of the port guard, neither brandishing it [which at least shows emotional aggression and a desire to terrorize] but rather holds it as a barrier between him and the target of his vapid wrath.

His clumsy attempt to don his war mask also denoted nervousness.

His gait indicated to my eye that his biomechanical capacity is retarded in some way, either by fetal alcohol poisoning or couch surfing.

The take away is that here is a person who, if you are a security man or cop, or a father or husband defending his family is ready to be taken. All of these aspects together also remind us—considering his size, which for this creature is a danger to himself—that you would have to take care not to injure this man. Any of the men I have trained with in various combat arts would be able to easily handle him as if he were a child. This is not the type of situation where you want to sucker punch the guy, kick him or ground and pound him. This situation begs for deft restraint and force of will in the same masculine package.

I would like to assign this video a high value for security training in that segment of the course focused on liability and limited force application, because, in our sissy world, most security situations and police calls, actually fall into this emasculated slot. This is a good illustration that sometimes we have to be prepared to be some punk’s daddy.

Thank you, Ken.

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BobMarch 10, 2018 10:43 PM UTC

Segueing from projecting to telegraphing, or the lack thereof, this was good: