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In The Country Formerly Known As England

James, please give this sweet, sweet moment of self-defense the LaFond treatment:

(Tommy Robinson is evidently a Nationalist political figure in the country formerly known as England.)


Shep, I viewed this for a few minutes and was momentarily proud of being a blue-eyed devil.

I know nothing about Tommy, especially not any history of combat he might have.

Without seeing his feet what my read is that, aware of a threat he turned, beginning to raise and extend his left hand to index [check & measure] his target, but, sensing his target was too close, dropped his raised elbow as a counter pivot [like a dropped wing block] and threw a very nice overhand right. In this motion the raised, bent and then dropped arm serves like a baseball pitcher's glove hand as a symbiotic acting force using gravity to pull the throwing side of the body, similar to, much more slightly than, pulling on a bat with the lead hand. This does not add a lot of force but does help facilitate hip torque and prevent strain and internal muscular resistance.

His hip seems to flex and rise somewhat, which leads me to believe that he did not throw this punch off his heel, but did it as a rear-foot power pivot, making this punch more like a truncated overhand right or even pronated right hook than a straight right.

If you had a sprained back you wouldn't be able to throw this punch without your lumber seizing up.

The Pale Population Displacement Unit was, as his kind are wont to do, needlessly verbalizing in a ritualistic fashion in order to build temporary courage. Any person who is verbalizing while advancing can be easily sucker punched as they step into the blow and unhinge their jaw at the same time.

Of course, speaking with such people, as well as posing, brandishing and pushing will generally feed into their frenzy and draw supporters from amongst those who have assigned them the task of testing you. If this happened in Baltimore, there would be 2-4 brothers standing back pointing at their fellow and laughing. However, as soon as these other unseen cohorts note a willingness to verbalize of otherwise behave womanishly or indecisively, they will begin to gather cohesion with an eye towards joining in the post talkative stomping.

Good job, Tommy.

Thanks, Shep.

Being a Bad Man in a Worse World

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BobMarch 14, 2018 1:55 AM UTC

Victim inviting an aggressor to talk with a view to going preemptive.
ShepMarch 11, 2018 8:55 PM UTC

James, I appreciate the cerebral nature of your coaching style. You make it easy to understand the "why" and the "how".
BobMarch 10, 2018 9:18 PM UTC

As regards the (((EDL))), follow the money and promoters! Alan Lake/Alan Ayling, Pam Geller, etc.

Robinson never gets seriously hurt because the State protects him. He's probably got six chavs off camera to resue him in that mise-en-scène. A real showmen. Much like Andrew Anglin, he's always making incendiary comments, but never doing long time jail and always getting publicity from the (((press))). Real patriots get brutalized in silence. No one thrusts a microphone their way (just ask the ghost of Kevin "Rashers" Crehan).
BobMarch 10, 2018 8:54 PM UTC

Tommy Robinson aka Stephan Yaxley-Lennon, aka..., is an actor, a front-man of the Zionist controlled opposition. His loyalty is to Jews alone and his mission is to demonize Muslims, blaming them for security apparatus' various false flag terrorist attacks (7/7 etc.) and psy-ops (Manchester bombing, etc.). The idea of repatriation of non-ethnic Britons is anathema to him, ditto the formation of whites only social/political organizations. He role as a "non-racist" Islamophobe is, however, functional to the Yinon Greater Israel plan, which requires support or non-opposition from the Western world. Rather than directing Britons' rage against their own ethnic displacement, which would effectively compromise Jews' and other minority groups' interests, his sponsors would have it instead directed at Syria, Iran, or any other enemy of Israel.
PRMarch 10, 2018 7:59 PM UTC

Africans behave so cartoonishly it's to our shame that we get bullied by them at all. They give so much advanced warning of their intentions and have so little behind them unless, of course, they're blocking intersections and hacking people with machetes. This they also telegraph months in advance like in South Africa. Ruse and subtlety are not their arts.

Still, some white district attorney will be looking to arrest Tommy. The dindus are only powerful with the State behind them. The State must go.
Tony CoxMarch 10, 2018 2:40 PM UTC

Goddamn man. Your pointed insight gives much food for thought. I always considered not engaging verbally just good common sense to keep the situation from escalating. But the idea that verbally engaging marks you as a bitch never really made sense until just now.

I think the impression it leaves, when you keep mum, but prove quick to strike is, this motherfucker don’t play. Thanks for passing this wisdom down.