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Shep, WellRead Ed, Carbon Mike, Ishmael & Mescaline Franklin

When there is no second amendment your government can do whatever it wants

-WellRead Ed

My fave video in the series with a nod to Varg.

-Mescaline Franklin

Some YT videos I've seen suggest that sharp projectiles with greater than a certain energy will certainly go through this stuff, but what's cool is that the design pattern (laminated armor) is a really effective one. Here's one of my favorite YouTubers reviewing some laminated plastic body armor:

She's good-looking, is she not? And then when you learn she's a feisty Presbyterian who knows how to fence, well...

(Behave yourself, Jimmy, she's married.)

Here's an interview with her talking about her defense of bad ol' Western Civilization:

The Search for a Man Weapon

These are nice too, but somewhat higher-profile:

too many mechanical linkages between your sword hand and your blade = an invitation to trouble. Also, that carbon fiber handle is a little too smooth for my taste.

I love the Irish

I'm no socialist, but I'll tell you what: they don't make lefties like they used to, and it's a fookin' shame.

-Carbon Mike


Bull and Cow

A lack of young brides


A chap after my own heart:

Erik the Younger—Background For a Screenplay — Steemit

This, background for a screenplay, is inspired by Bryndís Björgvinsdóttir: her program to bring AIDS vectors to… by jabowery

If you think it’s worthy of an essay, the phenomenon of the lesbian police chief is quite popular on the Left Coast:

Maybe not a bull durango, but still…


On Bitches

Your Trojan Whorse

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Sam J.March 14, 2018 3:33 AM UTC

I was looking at cane weapons I bet a WAY effective weapon would be a cane with a built in tazer. Put a two lead contact in the very end and then have alternating leads up the bottom of the shaft to maybe half way up. So someone tries to get near you jab them with the end and taze them. If someone grabbed the cane...hit the taze button and I bet they would let go. Now it may not always stop them but I bet it would get their attention. The leads on the outside could be brass or copper thin sheets that could be arranged to look like decoration.. Immediately after that whack them with the cane. One thing good about this is if you just have a cane your likely to have to really knock the shit out of anyone brazen enough to advance on you while you're carrying it. If they see the cane tazer in action then it would probably give them a great deal of hesitation. While tazers don't always stop people it does fuck with them no matter how tough or stupid they are. Most people, even the dumbest. know that being tazed really sucks or that's what they see on TV, it dropping you right away. Now this may not always be the case but the people you're dealing with are not likely to know anything at all except what they see on TV. Maybe you wouldn't have to crack their skull and put yourself in liability for doing so. It would seem to me the best outcome for a fight, with my pitiful shape, and massive fighting ,(HHAHAHA, paper bag, can't fight out of), skills, would be to never get in one in the first place. Others might agree.
BobMarch 12, 2018 12:53 AM UTC

Thanks to Carbon Mike for his piece. On weapons of opportunity:
BobMarch 11, 2018 9:36 PM UTC

Re: Mike's cane dagger - these weapons were designed to fool the assailant in an era when the government was small enough to let men look after themselves. Nowadays, such a weapon in the hands of a white assault victim would be used by the prosecutor to build a case of entrapment or premeditation. Better weapons of opportunity for the legal aftermath, the working/middle-class white man's real nightmare.

And Ireland, well, read and weep. Things have changed.