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Harm County Cops
A Landscaper Unloads on Why He Quit the Force

It wasn’t the city.

I was a county cop.

Five years was all I could take.

They were crooked all of them, not an exception.

No way was I gonna fit in unless I did some illegal shit!

The one girl—a cute thing—gets pulled over for a DUI by the transit cops and we get called in to assist. Assist shit. This chick was beautiful and dressed in a slinky dress. We were just there to watch her sobriety test. Drunk twister as a tragic strip tease. We had shit to do and didn’t stay long. Hopefully they didn’t fuck her.

They steel.

They pull you over and say, “I could charge you with possession, but I’m feelin’ nice, so you can go.”

Then that cop is selling that dope.

It’s not a lot of brutality like with city cops, at least not yet. It’s more about what you can get.

The bottom line was I was scared. I was seeing stuff that if I reported I would become the enemy of every cop in the precinct and that if I didn’t report it and it came to light, I might be implicated.

Getting blow jobs from hookers instead of busting them, I wouldn’t do, but I can look the other way.

Beating the shit out of addicts—mostly white bums—really crossed the line for me. It’s like they picked out the one demographic that nobody gives a shit about and fucked them up. I mean, if you see a grungy white dude walking down Route #40 with an open container and maybe an Oxy, and you beat him down and pile on just because you can, that’s in some ways worse than classic police brutality. Just because this loser is trying to explain to you why he shouldn’t be arrested and is so stoned he’s not complying fast enough, you go up side his head and grind his face in the gravel?

Sadism, I can’t work with sadism every day.

Needless to say, even though they were pussies compared to the city cops, you don’t want to go ratting on these guys or giving them any reason to believe you would.

I just quit and started landscaping. I thought about driving truck—a like to drive. But the prospect of being pulled over by guys like the ones I used to work with—or even those very same guys—just scared the shit out of me. So I cat the fucking grass.


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BobMarch 13, 2018 8:00 PM UTC

@ Sam J.:

Good cops herded people into the gulags or ended there themselves. Plus ça change...
Sam J.March 13, 2018 3:13 AM UTC

I don't believe all cops are like this but I think it's a lot. I read the other day that all the forces that are under Judaical supervision, which is a lot, all send their test into some Judaical decided service which grades them for the type person they are. My understanding is that f you answer your questions like a hero or honest guy you don;t get hired. How much you want to bet that a Jew owns the test company? I'd bet anything. It's one of the ways they destroy the country. They get themselves into very prominent niches that most people don't even think about and engineer disaster for everyone else.

One of the real problems White people have is they expect for people to try to do a reasonably decent job when they are doing something or are appointed. Sure we know people are corrupt and might steal a little or use their position a little but we, as a rule, don't expect people to actively work to find the best way to fuck things up and make it bad for everyone. I think this thought just doesn't even cross the minds of most people.
BobMarch 12, 2018 12:06 AM UTC

"A special duty did not exist"
BobMarch 11, 2018 10:45 PM UTC

Thanks for the testimony. The sanctioned beating of white junkies today becomes the sanctioned beating of all white "deplorable" tomorrow.

The coastal élite is going to come down hard on whites and the police are going to deliver up the evil.
BobMarch 11, 2018 10:09 PM UTC

The police merely act out the ruling elite's historic hatred and fear of white men. Worse is to come.