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Everything but the Shooting
Crackpot Podcast Ep 27

In Ep 27, James and Lynn discuss contributing factors to the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

0:02:05 Advice for students from James in case of a school attack

0:06:00 Why aren't school shootings more common? Drugs, illicit and prescription

0:08:35 An example of Feds setting up vulnerable people to commit crimes: schizophrenic Oklahoma man duped by Feds

0:10:00 Kreepy Kid Krew for gun control

0:14:00 Abolish the schools

0:19:50 Do schools teach teamwork? Mentorship, Big Ron, Malcom X

0:24:05 Intergenerational friendships

0:25:40 Courting in the Nation of Islam

0:27:15 Gender differences in treatment of servants in colonial America

0:30:40 The malleability of the youth vote

0:34:58 Dropping out as a safety valve

0:36:10 The joys of dodgeball and hazing

0:42:30 Dante & Vance

0:58:09 Megan

0:59:57 Disparate impact of school offenses

1:01:05 Externalization vs internalization of aggression

1:02:36 A punching bag or a gun safe

1:06:22 Coeducation as a risk

1:09:50 The right way to protest injustice

1:11:45 Atomization in the family

1:14:40 Pathological public schools

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Sam J.March 14, 2018 1:40 AM UTC

Arrgh. I had a bunch of better comments but I accidentally lost them. On the school parkland shooting the guy he was living with, so I'm told, is a military intelligence officer. He found the shooter on facebook, befriended him, then when he was kicked out of his house he let him move in. Now this is odd as hell because if you're a MI officer supposedly you're supposed to understand the psychology of people and moving a mass shooter into your home would seem to be stupid. Why is he not demoted and kicked out of the military for showing that he's a fool and knows nothing about people's behavior? Now supposedly he shot all these people and was wearing all this military garb, (teachers directly witnessing it and related on CBS (I believe it was CBS)), how did he end up in another building being seen by someone who knew him very well with no gun, no garb and so fast from the other building (where shooting was going on) that the witness that saw and conversed with him said there HAD to be more than one shooter. I'm of the opinion that he never shot anyone. The problem with brain addled shooters like this is they're too incompetent to do anything right so it's best to set him up and get someone else to do the shooting. Everyone points at him as the shooter and he's so fucked up they can convince him that...well maybe I did shoot all these people. I read about Robert Kennedy's shooting and while Sirhan Sirhan shot up a lot of stuff it was actually a bullet to the back of the head that killed Kennedy. Sirhan Sirhan seemed to be in a daze the whole time. I think some people, maybe all with enough stress, can be hypnotized into believing all kinds of nonsense. I think it wears off but by that time it's too late to change anything.

As for Trump. What the fuck is he doing allowing people to get away with this? I hear it's 770 degree chess but when's he going to win? If it's to block them in...well just what does it take? It would seem to me that evidence that the FBI was involved in nefariously trying to influence the election, Vegas shooting, Parkland shooting, 9-11, Boston bombing. on and on. There's plenty already. Now maybe he's actually going for bigger fish but wouldn't it be best to bust the lower to give up the higher? On the face of things it appears that he's stalling for the deep State. To what end I don't know. I hope I'm wrong but that's what is visible based on public info. He may not be deep state but he doesn't seem to be able to control them. The only consolation is he's not Hillary.